Will the Nazi Eagle Rise Again? What the Church Needs to Know About BDS and Other Forms of Anti-Semitism


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“Seldom is the right book written at the right time for the right reasons by the right person. Such is the case with ‘Will the Nazi Eagle Rise Again?’ by Dr. David Friedman.” —Joseph Farah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer WND.com, WND Books, WND Films

This is the right book at the right time.­ exposing the roots of Anti-Semitism being resurrected in our days, especially in our Christian Church.—Dr. Hans-Jörg Kagi, Teacher and Theologian, Basle, Switzerland

As a Black South African, who was born in an apartheid homeland and experienced the cruelties of such an oppressive racial system and made several visits to Israel, I can with a clear conscience state that Israel is not an apartheid state and bears absolutely no resemblance to the institutionalized racial oppression that I lived under in South Africa. I am deeply offended by this comparison. —Luba Mayekiso, Africa for Israel Christian Coalition, Republic of South Africa

Christian activism in the Middle East too often bears fruit that contradicts basic Christian values. If we Christians want to be relevant in a region drenched by strife and bloodshed, listen to David Friedman who has been living for many years in the region, observing, listening, researching and thinking thoroughly. —Johannes Gerloff, Journalist, Theologian, Lecturer and Author; Jerusalem, Israel

Timely and important response to the dangerous hatred of the State of Israel that is growing in society and in the Church. Read it to learn what is happening and to get the truth. —Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Professor of Jewish Studies, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Ill.

The deceitful propaganda of Goebbels, and the utter distortions of the BDS faction are an evil voice.  Dr. Friedman reveals the sinister pedigree of the current anti-Semitic rhetoric. —Dennis D. Frey, Th.D., President, Master’s International University of Divinity

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Dr. David Friedman is the former Academic Dean and Professor of Jewish Studies at King of Kings College in Jerusalem, Israel. Currently, Friedman lectures internationally on biblical topics, as well as on the history of the modern State of Israel. A former member of the Israel Defense Forces, he also works actively in the area of Jewish-Arab reconciliation as a speaker and mentor and is an advocate for a secure State of Israel.


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