Jewish Awareness Ministries has built quite possibly the first online radio station geared 100% toward reaching Jewish people with the gospel.

Our programs

We broadcast a variety of programs that we have produced in-house. All of these, although focused on different aspects of the Jewish gospel, all have the same primary drive – sharing the message of Jesus the Messiah in a Jewish context.

The Shema and God Being a Man

by Rev. Ken Overby | Answers from the Tenach

Answers from the Tenach

is the program where we answer questions that are popular within Judaism regarding Messianic prophecy.

The "Old" and "New" Testaments

by Rev. Mark Robinson | The Forbidden Book

The Forbidden Book

teaches the listener about the New Testament and how it, contrary to what they’ve been taught, is a completly Jewish book.


shows the listener how the Jewish culture and feasts picture the Messiah

Bonnie Pearson Interview

by Rev. Mark Robinson | Shalom Alechem

Shalom Alechem

is our interview program where we speak to other believers (who are many times Jewish) about their faith from a Jewish perspective.

Real Shalom

shares with the audience how they can have real peace through a personal relationship with the God of Israel, through the Messiah – Jesus.

Did Jesus Ever Endorse Persecution?

by Rev. Dan Bergman | Ha Notzrim

Ha Notzrim

is Hebrew for “The Christians”. In this program, we show the listener that TRUE Christianity is VERY Jewish in its roots. We share testimonies of Jewish believers from the past, and we expose the wickedness and error of false Christianity.

Watch the video below to learn more

Reaching the jewish world

Once we reach 100 to 200 hours of recorded programing, we will begin an agressive advertising campaign across the U.S., and even across the globe. The numbers listed below represent the numbers we have reached with our brodcast WITHOUT ANY ADVERTISING.

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contributing ministries

A number of ministries have graciously allowed us to use their content on our broadcast:

One for Israel

One for Israel has graciously allowed us to use the audio from their “I Met Messiah” video series for our broadcast. These are dozens and dozens of Jewish salvation testimonies, which add hours to our programming.

Eternal Productions

Eternal productions has produced a video entitled God of Wonders. We’ve been given permission to use the audio from thier DVD on our broadcast. It shares the gospel from the perspective of Creation vs. Evolution. Many Jewish people are evolutionists, and a large number are even athiests. This is for them. has also allowed us to use the audio from their video testimonies. Both of these ministries contribute to a vital aspect of our station – Jewish Salvation testimonies.

Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery produced a documentary entitled The Jewish Foundations of Christianity. In this program, the Jewishness of Christianity is uncoverd, and two Jewish believers are interviewed.

mobile apps for ios and android

Our mobile apps are designed so that anyone with a smartphone or tablet can quickly and easily listen to our station anywhere – with the tap of a finger! You can also listen to with any computer internet browser by simply typing “” in the address bar. is also listed on Tunein Radio, which is being made available in many cars currently in production!

contributing artists not only broadcasts the Jewish gospel through teaching and testimonies, but also through music. All of the music on is used by expressed permission from the artist. These musicians allow us to use their music on our station as they share our desire to reach Jewish people across the globe!

Marty Goetz

sarah liberman

Josh Turnill

Graeme Harrison


linda siers

liberated wailing wall

Daniel Carmel

All of the music we play is designed to prepare the listener’s heart for the other programming they will hear.

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We have printed 20,000 business cards that can be given out when witnessing to a Jewish person. These cards have a “QR Code” that you can “snap” with any smart device QR Reader App. 

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