Do you believe that full-time Jewish ministry is God’s will for your life?

If you are interested in serving with us, read through this page and contact us!

Getting Started

We believe that an appointment for ministry service should be based upon a commitment to lifetime service for the Lord. In the case of a married couple, both husband and wife must qualify for appointment. Each should have a settled conviction that missionary service is God’s will for them.

Pre-field ministries will give you the opportunity to encourage churches in their world-evangelism programs, to enlist indispensable prayer support, and to receive financial support for your ministry. The same God who has called you will also provide for your needs and equip you for ministry.

Philosophically, we believe that evangelism is done in conjunction with the local church.  Thus, our mission is focused on reaching Jewish people with the Gospel wherever they are, working with and through sound, fundamental, Bible-believing local churches.

Doctrinally, we believe it is vital that our personnel be unified in what we believe the Bible teaches. Our “What We Believe” and “Purpose” pages of this website communicate the basic beliefs of Jewish Awareness Ministries.

We trust that this is the kind of ministry of which you would like to be a part. Opportunities for ministry with us are virtually unlimited.



– Testimony of genuine conversion

– Regular time studying God’s Word

– Regular time in prayer

– Mature Christian character

– Faithfully witnessing to the lost

– Practical experience in Christian service


– High School diploma or equivalent

– Bible school or college degree is recommended

– Support of your local church

– Active in your church’s ministries

– Your pastor’s recommendation


– Active member of a fundamental, Bible-believing local church

– Practicing biblical separation on a personal and ecclesiastical level

– Agreement with the Jewish Awareness Ministries Articles of Faith and Mission Policy Manual


– Committed to serving God

– Close walk with God

– Conviction of God’s call

– Burden for the Jewish People

– Knowledge of the field, history and culture of Jewish people.


– Physical fitness

– Social compatibility

– Mental and emotional stability

– Leadership qualities

– Cooperative spirit

– Perseverance

– Self-disciplined


1. Informal interview with Jewish Awareness Ministries personnel

A potential candidate should initially meet with an authorized Jewish Awareness Ministries representative (Executive Director, Ministry Personnel, Board member, etc.) to establish an interest and basic qualification for serving with Jewish Awareness Ministries.

2. Letter of inquiry

A letter of inquiry should be sent to the executive director expressing an interest in serving God through Jewish Awareness Ministries. You can send us this via the contact form at the bottom of this page. The letter of inquiry must include: personal background information, local church affliation, present family responsibilities, and present local church responsibilities. Upon receiving the inquiry in writing, the executive director will, in person or by phone, interview the potential candidate. Upon the executive director’s referral of the letter of inquiry to the Board of Jewish Awareness Ministries, and the Board’s favorable action, a formal application will be sent to the potential candidate.

3. Formal application

The formal application includes a detailed doctrinal questionnaire, a request for information both personal and spiritual, and referral and recommendation questionnaires. Once the formal application has been returned, and provided the information gathered supports confidence, the potential candidate will be scheduled for a personal interview with the Board of Jewish Awareness Ministries.

4. Board examination

The Board of Jewish Awareness Ministries is composed of pastors and laymen who are vitally interested in helping candidates get to the mission field. These men are concerned that candidates find themselves in the places where they can serve with blessing and fruitfulness. The Board will examine in detail the conversion testimony and ministry calling, conviction regarding the faith, and philosophy of outreach. The Board will make their decision based on the personal interview, the formal application and related documents, and the recommendation of the executive director.

5. Evangelism training school

After the home church and the Jewish Awareness Ministries Board have given their approval, the potential candidate will be required to attend the Jewish Evangelism Training School of Jewish Awareness Ministries in preparation for effective service, whether the candidate’s field is home or foreign. Upon completion of this step, the candidate will be officially authorized as an “appointee” of Jewish Awareness Ministries, Inc. and should proceed to request that his or her home church conduct a Commissioning Service.

6. Internship program

A one to two year internship program under the leadership of the executive director is an option to those needing more extensive training. If the Board deems it necessary, approval as a ministry appointee will be conditional upon completion of the assigned program. Our goal is to have our workers fully prepared and confident when they step out into their fields of service.

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