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View the Digital Copy of our Spring 2023 Issue

welcome to the quarterly magazine

of jewish awareness ministries

“We trust Israel’s Messenger magazine has been a blessing, and a source of solid biblical information for you.  
Whether you are just finishing your free, first year subscription or your regular paid subscription, Don’t Let it Lapse.
For the first time in many years, it is necessary to raise the price from 9.95/year to $11.95/year. 
Each issue of Israel’s Messenger always includes exciting articles and features that focus on the following areas:

Messianic Prophecy

Israel’s Messenger has featured scores of articles on various Messianic prophecies through the years. These are designed to educate and equip you to share the gospel message with your Jewish friends.

Ministry Events

Whether it’s our Prophecy Conference, Messiah in the Passover Seder, or our annual Journey to Jerusalem Israel Tour, our major upcomming events and info on how you can join us are always highlighted in Israel’s Messenger.

Exciting New Products

New books on Israel and prophecy, Interesting items from Israel, and products that Jewish Awareness Ministries has produced are often advertised in our magazine. 

Evangelism Helps

The regular columns “Sowing the Seed” and “Messianic Witness to Israel” recount for you REAL witnessing encounters from our personnel, and include pointers and advice to help YOU witness to your Jewish friends!

End-Time Prophecy

One of the focuses of Israel’s Messenger is helping our readers to have a biblical understanding of God’s time-table for this world. We also strive to show you how current events foreshadow upcoming prophetic events in our regular feature, Shadows of the Tribulation.

Bible Doctrine

In a time when the “Christian community” seems to be “tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine”, we desire to guide you by “rightly dividing the Word of truth.” Correct understanding of Bible doctrine is a major thrust of our magazine. All of our articles are Bible-based.


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A Brief history of israel’s messenger

Israel’s Messenger began in 1949 as our Official Bulletin when we were still known as The Buffalo Hebrew Christian Mission. Since that first issue almost 75 years ago, we have published almost 300 issues of Israel’s Messenger.

Back then, we were located in Buffalo, NY and Karl Goldberg was the ministry’s Superintendent.

The first issue (pictured here) gives updates about the Mission, prayer requests, and a poem about our debt to the Jews, and the neccessity of reaching them with the gospel.