The Coming Kingdom


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God’s theocratic, mediatorial kingdom is a vast, sweeping subject from the first book of the Bible to the last. Understanding this overarching biblical theme of God’s clearly revealed and sovereign plan is essential not only for believers in Christ to make sense of the chaos in our world but also for the church to know and fulfill its God-ordained role in this era of world history. Are we currently living in God’s promised kingdom? Yes, say a plethora of professing evangelicals today. No, say the careful reading of the Bible and the biblical evidence marshaled by Dr. Andy Woods in The Coming Kingdom. The conclusions of this book are based on accurate interpretation of Scripture, which are then insightfully compared and contrasted with the various forms of contemporary evangelical teaching about the kingdom. Are you confused by conflicting views on the kingdom? Do you long for something better than the current conditions you see in our world today? Then read The Coming Kingdom. This book shows convincingly from Scripture that the establishment of God’s theocratic kingdom on earth is still future and it will be vastly superior to the conditions we see in our world today. The Coming Kingdom clarifies for readers the biblical truth of God’s glorious kingdom, while exalting the coming King and edifying the soul of the reader with its constant appeal to God’s Word.


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