Messianic Symbols in the Passover Seder


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Moshe Gold has written a book about the  Messianic Symbols in the Passover Seder that is unique among the many books of this type. Moshe is Jewish and is intimately acquainted with the Seder and its celebration. Upon becoming a believer in Y’shua as Messiah, his love of the Jewish culture, wedded with his love of his Messiah has produced a desire to understand how Messiah Jesus is seen in Jewish culture, such as the celebration of the Passover.
Messianic Symbols in the Passover Seder brings together this Jewish festival and Messiah incredibly well. It has two main sections – the Cultural History of the Early Church and The Seder Table. As Moshe writes, “…in order to fully appreciate how the Seder developed it is equally important to understand the religious and political environment during the late Second Temple period and after. Therefore, before an examination of the elements and ritual, a brief history of the relationship between Judaism and the church in the period from the mid-30’s thru the late 100’s is essential.” The first section of this book does exactly this.
The second part of this book looks at the different items on the Seder table, their historical development, and their Messianic meaning. In this meticulously researched book – there are 73 endnotes – Moshe makes a strong case that the modern Jewish Passover Seder likely adopted many elements that were introduced by the believing (in Jesus) Jewish community of the post 70 AD period.  The parallels with Jesus’ last Passover Seder, and that of the early, predominately Jewish populated church are clearly seen through Moshe’s insightful pen.
If you have any interest in the Jewish background of the New Testament and its impact on both Judaism and Christianity, this book is one you should read. If you question a link between Jewish culture and the New Testament, this book is one you should read. If you are familiar with the Passover Seder and wonder about its development through the years and how Messiah is seen in its elements, this book is one you should read.


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