Jerusalem Time Line Pamphlet: Key Events From Bible Times to Modern Israel


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The Perfect Guide and Timeline to Jerusalem—Perfect for Travel & Bible Study

Packed with full-color illustrations, over 140 key events, labeled diagrams, quick overviews, and more, this timeline covers King David’s reign in 1100 BC through 2010, when a section of a wall of the City of David was discovered! Find out what was happening in Jerusalem during the Roman Rule, the Crusades, World Wars I and II, and the modern era at a glance!

5 Key Features of this Jerusalem Time Line Pamphlet

  1. Quick Reference. Need to quickly answer a question? The format, design, and color-coding of this timeline helps you easily slip this ultra-thin pamphlet out of your Bible, purse, or book bag and find the answer at a glance!
  2. Bible-Based and Well Researched. Easily find the Scripture references for key events so you can quickly flip to relevant verses in your Bible!
  3. Illustrated and Highly Visual. This isn’t your standard timeline—like all Rose Publishing resources, this timeline is packed with illustrations, maps, and diagrams to help you retain information and get a clear understanding of key events, people, and concepts.
  4. Clear and Easy to Read. You’ll be shocked by how much information is packed into one slimline pamphlet with clear and readable font. With labeled events, simple summaries, and a color-coded key, it’s never been easier to get a grasp of the history of Jerusalem at a glance!
  5. Slimline and Compact. Easily fits in the back of most Bibles and Bible cases, purses, and book bags, and makes a great gift or resource to hand to a friend.

See Over 140 Key Events in Jerusalem’s History at a Glance!

Do you have trouble keeping all of those Bible people and events straight? It’s hard to imagine what Jerusalem was like during King David’s time…or during Jesus’ time, and it’s tough to keep Bible people and events in chronological order.

  • 1100 BC: Reign of David
  • 586 BC: Judah Falls to Babylon
  • 332 BC: Alexander the Great conquers Jerusalem
  • 26 AD: Jesus is baptized, begins ministry
  • 637 AD: Islamic rule over Jerusalem begins
  • 1948 AD: State of Israel declared
  • And much more!

Key Benefits of the Jerusalem Time Line

Here’s what you’ll discover by using this time line:

  • The key people and events during biblical times: King David and Solomon.
  • How the Temple was built and destroyed, and rebuilt and destroyed.
  • How the Temple looked at the time of Christ.

You’ll also understand today’s news better. You will—

  • Understand why Jerusalem is one of the most fought-over cities of all time.
  • Learn the fascinating history of the modern State of Israel.
  • Know the history of the Crusaders and the Islamic Sultans.

Glossy, laminated durable pamphlet; 14 panels, full color, 5.5″x8.5″. Slips easily into the back of most Bibles. Perfect for trips to Israel, group and individual Bible studies, discipleship, or to hand to a friend.

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