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The Queen Esther Pamphlet is an excellent overview of the story of Queen Esther in the Bible.

Esther’s story asks the important question: Where is God when things go wrong?

It’s easy to characterize Queen Esther as the lucky orphan girl who won the heart of the king. But in reality, she was a young woman with a tragic background and dangerous secret that could cost her life and the lives of her family. She was married to King Ahasuerus (King Xerxes) who destroyed peoples’ lives on a whim and had a history of killing people close to him. Worse still, the king’s favorite counselor and chief advisor, Haman, was a mortal enemy of Esther and Mordecai’s family.

Esther had to keep a low profile, keeping her secret, and hoping her enemy wouldn’t make the connection. For Esther, life was unfair. But her story brings a message of hope to all who face trouble by showing how God works even through the fears and dangers. There can be happy endings in perilous times! This basic overview of Esther and the biblical and cultural insights is fantastic for a Queen Esther Bible study, Sunday school class, or small group discussion. 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

Queen Esther Gives Insights into the Life of Esther Details about Queen Esther’s Life

  • Summary of Esther’s story: Her danger and her courage
  • Background on the biblical feast of Purim

  • Explanation of why the Jewish people were in Persia
  • Orphaned, raised by Mordecai.

Details about Life in Ancient Persia 2500 Years Ago

  • Map of Persia and the entire Middle East at the Time of King Xerxes
  • Timeline of Key Events in Israel, Persia, Greece and Egypt During Esther’s Lifetime
  • Intrigue in the Persian Court
  • Customs in Ancient Persia

Details about The Cast of Characters in the Life of Esther

  • Spiritual parallels between the two banquets: The King’s and Esther’s
  • Hebrew/Persian meanings of Esther’s name, as well as other key characters
  • Genealogy and Background of Each Key Character in the Story

Esther is an outstanding close-up on one of the most fascinating stories in the Bible. You will find this pamphlet a great resource as you study the book of Esther and you are sure to refer to it often.

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