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Each course at SBJS contains a number of classes. 

Jewish Evangelism ( JE )

Everything in this course is focused on communicating the gospel to a Jewish person. Would you like to be better equipped to witness to your Jewish friends? This course is for you. 

6 Classes Currently Available

Israel in the Bible and History ( IS )

Israel must be in the center of our Theology if we are to correctly interpret the Scripture. Israel is God’s timepiece. God’s plan for the ages centers around Israel. Your biblical understanding will expand and deepen as you focus on Israel.

6 Classes Currently Available

Issues in the Christian World ( CW )

How were people saved before Christ came? Are Christians required to keep the Sabbath? What about the “sign gifts” of the New Testament? Enroll in this course to find answers from the Bible to these controversial questions. 

6 Classes Currently Available

Jewish Culture in the New Testament ( JC )

The New Testament is a Jewish book. Through this course, you will discover how thoroughly the pages of the New Testament are embedded in a Jewish context and culture.

6 Classes Currently Available