All our hearts are broken for the Israelis who are in shock and grief at the murder of their loved ones. Our prayers are for God’s miraculous intervention through the IDF troops who are seeking to rid Gaza of Hamas, while they find and free the hostages. Our prayers are for God’s protection on the IDF troops who are seeking to destroy Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

Does the Jewish Community know that your Church stands with them and with Israel? Our public silence is interpreted by the Jewish people as proof of complicit agreement with historic “Christian” theological anti-Semitism. Jewish Awareness Ministries stands with the Jewish people and with the nation of Israel. We desire to help Pastors and churches more effectively stand with Israel and with the Jewish people. When God told Abraham that He will bless “them” who bless Israel He knew that for over 1800 years the corrupt corporate church would stand against the Jews and do things to them as bad as what Hamas just committed against them. He also knew that in the last days that the only “them” among Gentiles that would stand with Israel and bless her and Jewish individuals is the born again spirit-filled Gentiles in the local church of the last days. It is clearly predicted in Jeremaih 31:6 “For thus saith the LORD; Sing with gladness for Jacob, and shout among the chief of the nations: publish ye, praise ye, and say, O LORD, save thy people, the remnant of Israel.” Gentiles afar off in the leading nations would publish, sing, praise, and pray for God to save a remnant of His people. That is us generically. In fact the preceding verse mentions “watchmen” using the word shomrim which means the border guards on the outer fringes not the watchmen of Israel who are on the wall. A young man who is a religious Israeli, upon receiving my literature read part of it and looked at me dead in the eye and said “You are a shomrim.” I asked what he meant and where he had heard of that. He gave the above definition and said some rabbis in Israel are teaching that before the Messiah comes, that Gentiles from the head nations will come to Israel and warn them to get ready because the worst times are coming just before the Messiah comes. We have the privilege and the responsibility to be Israel’s watchman – shomrim.

What are we waiting for, this is the beginning of the worst of times for Israel. They are counting on us to warn them. Even if they don’t believe the One coming is the One who already came, it is a golden opportunity to let them know you love and pray for them as times get worse for them. 

Here’s a position statement of Jewish Awareness Ministries. Jewish Awareness Ministries condemns the Islamicist jihadi hatred by all of Israel’s enemies in particular from Iran, it’s proxies in their determination to destroy the Jews and the nation of Israel. We stand opposed to the irrational hatred of the Jewish people and of the nation of Israel that is being voiced in the national media, by elected officials, on university campuses, in city rallies and even in churches across the America. We strongly warn all believers in Jesus not to incur the wrath of God who promised “I will curse him who curses thee.” We urge Christians not to take part in or associate with any person or organization that curses Israel or the Jewish people or Biblical Zionism, but rather to reprove them. We bless Israel, and the Jewish people, and we claim the Abrahamic blessing and seek God’s blessing by being a blessing to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Furthermore, we urge Pastors to lead their churches in blessing Israel with more than mere pulpit statements and public prayers, but also in deeds. Here are some suggestions as to how churches can bless the Jewish people.

  • Partner with those who are carrying the Gospel to the Jewish people. 
  • Do seasonal outreach to Jewish people at their holiday feasts like our “Gospitality” Bag outreach.
  • Provide access to our training in Jewish evangelism and to our evangelistic literature. 
  • Schedule a Stand with Israel service combined with a prophecy series on Israel.
  • Invite members of the Jewish community, former IDF soldiers and those who have been victimized to share their story or to sing the Israeli national anthem.
  • Host a Hebrew Christian Fellowship evening near a Jewish feast day like Hanukkah.
  • Host a Christ in the Passover Seder dinner or a Hanukkah or Purim event to invite them.
  • Adopt a position article in your Statement of Faith supporting Israel and the Jewish people.
  • Display the Flag of Israel in the church sanctuary and or on external flag poles.  
  • Publicly post a pro-Israel position statement on websites and as handouts.
  • Provide a prayer guide for Israel.

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