Becky Yeh – OneNewsNow, August 24th, 2011

One Messianic Jew says replacement theology is a dangerous teaching that is growing within the Christioan Church and breeding anti-Semitism. He contends, If you were to take all of the 70-plus times in the New Testament when it says the word ‘Israel,’ pull it out, and insert the word ‘church’ in there and try to stay within the context of that passage, it would make no sense at all.”

Ever since the year 2000, Olivier Melnick of Chosen People Ministries says there has been a rebirth of global anti-Semitism as many people, including Christians, are falling prey to the idea that Israel is the problem in the Middle East and is treating Palestinians unjustly.

Melnick points out that a dangerous teaching in the Christian Church called replacement theology is also breeding anti-Semitism among Christians, as it essentially teaches that God is done with Israel and the Church has replaced the chosen nation.

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