Second Temple Anointing Oil


This Second Temple period premium Anointing oil (Balm of Gilead Anointing oil) has 100% Balm of Gilead Essential oil. 100% of the original ingredients, 100% authentic ingredients.

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  • In ancient times, the Anointing oil was used for the coronation of the Kings and Priests of Israel, as well of for the vessels of the Holy Temple.
  • The Anointing Oil was known for its extraordinary qualities and capabilities and was used for spiritual, medical and even mystical purposes.
  • This Second Temple period premium Anointing Oil (Balm of Gilead Anointing oil) contains 100% Pure Balm Of Gilead Essential Oil (10%), Myrrh (5%), Frankincense (5%) Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil. (80%)


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