10 Q & A on Mormonism pamphlet: Key Beliefs, Practices, and History


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What do Mormons teach about Jesus, the Trinity, God, baptism for the dead, and how to be saved? The Latter-day Saints often use Christian terms, but mean something completely different. The 10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism bestselling pamphlet will help you discover the truth about these and many other critical issues. This glossy full-color pamphlet provides a clear summary of what Mormons (Latter-day Saints) believe, their practices, and history. 10 Q & A’s offers sound tips for interacting with Mormon friends, neighbors, and co-workers, and much more. Size: 8.5″x 5.5″ unfolds to 33″ long. Fits inside most Bible covers.   10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism is an excellent tool for outreach and missions groups, or for anyone wanting to understand more about this controversial religious group. This compelling Q & A pamphlet examines 10 critical questions regarding the beliefs and practices of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and responds with what the Bible teaches about each:

  1. Did the Christian church really need to be restored?
  2. Was Joseph Smith a true prophet of God?
  3. What is Mormon scripture?
  4. Is the Bible trustworthy Scripture?
  5. Is the Book of Mormon an ancient document?
  6. Is the God of Mormonism the God of the Bible?
  7. Does Mormonism teach the truth about Jesus?
  8. Can we earn our salvation?
  9. Why do Mormons build temples?
  10. Does Mormonism teach polygamy?

10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism pamphlet provides answers to 10 of the most important questions regarding Mormonism.   Readers and students of other religions and cults will find answers to these and other claims Mormons make:

  • After the death of the original apostles, the church slipped into “the Great Apostasy.”
  • Joseph Smith, the church’s founder, is a modern “prophet, seer, and revelator” revealing divine truth.
  • Mormonism claims four “standard works” or writings including the Bible, but also the Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrines and Covenants.
  • All humans preexisted in heaven before becoming human.
  • After he rose from the dead, Jesus went to the Americas.
  • Sin that is not overcome robs the Mormon of any assurance of reaching the celestial kingdom.
  • Mormonism believes that God is one among many gods stretching into eternity past.

This pamphlet explores the beliefs, practices and history of this controversial group, including interesting ideas and prophecies by founder Joseph Smith.  Among many other ideas, many Mormons believe:

  • The restoration of true Christianity began when God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith.
  • Joseph Smith is second only to Jesus.
  • The Book of Mormon is “the most correct of any book on earth.”
  • God was a mortal who attained his exalted state by obedience to eternal laws and principles.

The 10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism includes a “Glossary of Mormon Terms.” The glossary is extremely helpful to those who desire to witness to Mormons. The glossary explains the following terms and many others:

  • Baptism for the dead—A temple ritual in which a Mormon “proxy” is baptized on behalf of a deceased person.
  • First Vision—An event that Mormons claim took place in 1820 in which God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith and told him all the churches were wrong and that their creeds were an abomination.
  • Priesthood—The priesthood gives Mormon males the power and authority to act on behalf of God.
  • Temples—Special buildings reserved for ordinances for the dead, marriages for “time and eternity,” and “sealings” of families for eternity.

The 10 Questions & Answers on Mormons offers a listing of additional resources for learning more about Mormons/Latter-day Saints, and additional insights and information that improve outreach to Mormon co-workers and acquaintances. The following is a sampling of helpful tips:

  • Don’t assume that a Mormon defines a word the same way you do.
  • Do define your terms and have them define theirs.
  • Do concentrate on core issues such as what the Mormons believe about God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and other key issues.

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