by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator “You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, but the new WMD report explains why Saddam Hussein was a threat and why the U.S. was right to remove him…[but] the anti-war media have been quick with agitprop leads like this one from AP: ‘Contradicting the main argument for a war that cost more than 1000 American lives, the top U.S. arms inspector said he found no evidence that Iraq produced any WMD after 1991.’ Fortunately, we live in the Internet era where Americans can find the facts. The Duelfer report is online, with good summaries in “Key Findings” and the Duelfer’s “Transmission Letter”. (1) We are observing an unusual but secret war against President George Bush which reminds me of that prior miraculous ‘silver bullet’ that ricochets this way and that as if on a special mission. Presidents who run afoul of the deeply rooted powers and vested interests of governmental agencies and institutions do so at their own peril. It seems perfectly clear that President Bush has irritated those powers by putting controls on their budgets. This includes, but is not limited to, the CIA, Pentagon, FBI with tangential affects on the U.S. State Department. Bush has appointed an Intelligence Czar who will oversee Intelligence Budgets in all of our Intelligence agencies. They are worried, angry and are lashing out before the elections, hoping to erase President Bush and trade him for John Kerry whom they think they can manage. They want to maintain total control over their respective budgets and a reversal of any of Bush’s corrective legislation by creating a Kerry administration. Have you noticed a veritable outpouring of negative reports on Bush’s handling of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Global War on Terror and Homeland Security? Not surprising that it’s all being dumped by the above mentioned Intel and Military, just days before the November 2 election. We just heard from Charles Duelfer, Chief of the Iraq Survey Group, who was appointed to report on Saddam Hussein’s capability and intentions to develop and use WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons. Duelfer’s report to the U.S. Senate Armed Forces October 6, was a crafty piece of work from which the Media took partial truths to tell us that Saddam was not likely to develop or use WMD – although he had kept the technology to do so. However, Duelfer’s report makes it clear that Saddam’s program itself was never abandoned. Here’s a few quotes taken directly from Duelfer’s findings that didn’t make it into coverage by the Times, Washington Post or any other media outlets: **”Saddam aspired to develop a nuclear capability – in an incremental fashion, irrespective of international pressure and the resulting economic risks…” **”Baghdad concealed key elements of its nuclear program from successive UN inspectors, including specific direction by Saddam Husayn [Duelfer’s spelling] to hide and preserve documentation associated with Iraq’s nuclear program.” **”[The Iraq Survey Group], for example, uncovered 2 specific instances in which scientists involved in uranium enrichment kept documents and technology…with the belief and anticipation of resuming uranium enrichment in the future.” **”Starting around 1992, to retain the intellectual core of the former weapons program, Baghdad transferred many nuclear scientists to related jobs in the MIC (Military Industrial Commission)…to maintain their weapons knowledge base.” **”Initially, Saddam concealed his nuclear program in its entirety, as he did with Iraq’s BW (Biological Warfare) program.” **”As funding for the MIC and the [Iraq Atomic Energy Commission] increased after the introduction of the Oil-for-Food program, there was growth in programs with former nuclear weapons scientists and engineers.” **”In the late 1990s, both MIC and IAEC received significant pay raises to retain them…and undertook new investments in ‘university research’….” (2) Since Saddam had not only used mustard gas and Sarin on Iranian soldiers and hit his own Kurdish village of Halabja, Iraq in 1988 – killing half the people with blistering agents and half with Sarin, why then was he not capable of developing WMD for use against U.S. soldiers? It is interesting that this report was written over more than a year ago but released only 30 days before the elections, in effect telling us that before Bush invaded Iraq, Saddam was a safe and honest leader because the U.N. weapons’ inspectors decided they had found and destroyed all of Saddam’s WMD capability. But, what if one counts the 500 tons of uranium that the Iraqi dictator kept stored at his al-Tuwaitha nuclear weapons development plant. The press downplayed the story of Saddam’s 500 ton uranium stockpile so that most Americans aren’t even aware of it. Experts say Saddam’s massive uranium stockpile was largely benign….except for the 1.8 tons of uranium that Saddam had begun to enrich. Remember the former chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay? The Media hailed him last year for pronouncing Iraq WMD-free, but in January 2004 he told Congress about Tuwaitha during 2000 and 2001. [The Iraqis] began re-building and renovating it. They did a few ‘physics experiments’. Dr, Mahdi Obeidi ran Saddam’s nuclear centrifuge program until 1997 when he buried his blueprints and actual centrifuge components in his garden.” (3) Our vaunted CIA and Pentagon Military Intelligence who vacuumed up billions of dollars supposedly to protect our nation, failed us in the worst possible way. Now, they feel assaulted by the Bush program to revamp a failed Intelligence which gave us 9/11 and a lot more to come. These are the same dimwits who had not a clue to Libya’s long term massive development of NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) efforts until he himself admitted he has all of it. Moamar Gaddafi divested Libya of NBC shortly after and because Saddam was captured. The same dimwits also missed what Pakistan was disbursing by way of Nuclear Technology by Abdul Qadeer Khan who confessed to selling nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. (4) I wrote about the Arab nations selecting and funding Pakistan to make their Islamic Nuclear Bomb 30 plus years ago. Pakistan was to return to the Arab Muslim nations, either operational nukes or technologies as a return on their investments. This they have done and not all the Arab Muslim nations who received Dr. Kahn’s transferred technologies have yet been identified publically. John Kerry tells us that (if elected President), in an emergency he would appeal to the U.N., the French, Germans, Russian and Chinese. I am not sure they would have time to listen, as they are all involved in the greatest kickback scheme of stealing billions of dollars from the Oil-For-Food program. We know that Saddam himself scammed $10.9 Billion of the $67 Billion in sales. Before the Oil-For-Food program began at the end of 1996, the CIA’s own website of October 7, shows how kickbacks and corruption in the UN oil-for-food program rescued the Iraqi economy and how Saddam amassed $11 Billion from oil smuggling after U.N. sanctions were first imposed in 1990. (5) Billions more went to the U.N. staff, France, Russia, China and several Arab nations. These are the nations to whom Kerry would appeal for financial and military support in Iraq if he becomes President. The pigs of corruption all came to feed at the U.N. trough when they had filled up like gluttons for their own personal budgets. These are the leading nations who refused to send aid or troops to Iraq because they had deals with Saddam and the U.N. which they didn’t want derailed. Can such conspirators be sent to prison for embezzlement and other high crimes? Dr. David Kay had maps with coordinates of Saddam’s WMD hiding places in Syria. This also did not get much, if any, press coverage. Saddam’s unconventional weapons programs were present on the eve of the American-led invasion and quantities of forbidden materials were spirited out to Syria. (6) Here again the CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence and the State Department all failed because of inherent incompetence. It was State Department policy NOT to investigate Arab Muslims for oil reasons which restrained the FBI and CIA from any serious probing of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, ‘et al’. Remember that of the 19 hijacking suicide bombers of 9/11, 15 were Saudis and the other 4 were Egyptians. Arab sleeper agents in America were untouchable and thus – 9/11. If Bush succeeds in putting a harness on run-away spending from all of these interests, then these Washington forces opposed to fiscal controls will try to push him out of office by before he succeeds in harnessing their run-away spending and forces them to actually go to work. I am surprised that our light-weight pundits of the news media have not caught on. Suddenly there are leaks from all these agencies – as if they are merely innocent purveyors of honest news – ignoring the fact that these security and diplomatic institutions have been wallowing in excessive budgets for years and have failed miserably in their various crucial responsibilities. They wish to continue receiving hundreds of billions of American taxpayers’ dollars so they can pretend to be the nation’s first line of defense. The simple fact is that they have grown old, decrepit, uninspired and only wish to continue their active retirement as if they were still working. These selfish interests have launched a propaganda war to unseat Bush so they can have a malleable Kerry to easily maneuver. Suddenly, we see these incompetents releasing disinformation as if they were really On-The-Job, protecting America. Gimme a break! All organizations grow old, stale, incompetent – with lots of dead wood that should have been jettisoned years ago. They have a vested interest in preserving themselves first and the comfortable life style they have evolved. We Americans have been made vulnerable because of these tired, overweight institutions that needed a vigorous house-cleaning or, as industry calls it, a re-engineering. The Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI and, especially, the U.S. State Department have all lost their ethical and moral compasses…IF they ever had one. We need new blood, new intelligence and a new competence – given that we face probable more 9/11s. No matter who is President, these institutions really run the foreign policy show, in effect, a “Shadow Government”. While we should be fighting Global Terror, especially on our own soil, our vaunted Intelligence Agencies are fighting their own greedy war to protect their budgets and fat way of life. President Bush has inspired the hostility of these government bureaucracies with all of this revamping and the agencies have declared war on him. ### 1. “WMD Report Confirms Saddam’s Threat” by October 8, 2004 2. “Duelfer: Saddam Kept Nuke Program in Place” by Carl Limbacher & October 7, 2004 3. “No WMD Stockpiles in Iraq? 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