May 2005

The Nahalal* Manifest
* Nahalal – the Biblical name of the first secular settlement [“Moshav”] in
Israel, founded in 1920

The Land of Israel – Jews and “Palestinians”

Chapter I:  The Facts

1. The Land of Israel is the sole historic and national homeland of the
Jewish People from Biblical times onward.  The Jewish People reigned
sovereign in the Land of Israel for more than a millennium until forced from
their homes into an exile that lasted two thousand years. During this entire
period of dispersion, they continued to regard Israel as their land by
right. In fact, there was never a time without some Jewish presence in the
land.  It is this basic truth that led the League of Nations to declare at
the 1920 San Remo Conference, while entrusting the administration of the
Territory of Palestine to Great Britain, that the area was a “National Home
for the Jewish People”. The mandate accorded Great Britain enjoined her to
“.facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and . encourage,
in co-operation with the Jewish Agency, close settlement by Jews on the
land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public

According to Professor Eugene Rostow, Dean of the Law Faculty at Yale
University and U.S. Under Secretary of State 1966-69, who formulated UN
Resolution 242, “the British Mandate recognized the rights of the Jewish
People to closely built settlements throughout the mandate area; therefore,
the right of Jews to settle the Land of Israel, including the area west of
the Jordan River is incontrovertible. This right has never been rescinded,
and cannot be rescinded except in the framework of a recognized peace”. The
Mandate agreement forbade the giving over of any of the land to a foreign
state in order not to detract from the goal of creating a National Home for
the .Jewish People, and that legal position has not changed.  Unfortunately,
Great Britain did not keep to the terms of the agreement, mainly as a result
of the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Arabs living in the Land of Israel,
and accorded the Arabs the land east of the Jordan River (76% of what was
meant to become Israel, known then as Palestina). In actuality, the settlers
of today are, somewhat belatedly, fulfilling the decision of the League of
Nations. From the standpoint of international law,  Jews still have the
strongest claim to Israel, and the disengagement plan of Sharon-in itself an
inherently  immoral plan-if carried out, will for the first time in history,
allow Israel to be taken from Jewish hands under the aegis of international

2. In contrast, up until eighty years ago, there was no Palestinian people.;
during the British Mandate, the term “Palestinian” was used to designate
subjects living in the area, including Jews, and in the UN partition plan,
the state is called an Arab rather than a Palestinian entity. There has
never been and still does not exist a Palestinian language. No encyclopedia
printed before 1917 mentions a Palestinian people. The name itself was
originally used by the Romans to designate the Jewish people in the first
century A.D.  The Arabs simply took the name and claimed it as theirs.

The Jews and not the Arabs are therefore the real Palestinians.  In 1919,
those Arabs living in Palestine did not claim to be a separate nation, but
instead sought to “see Palestine as part of Arab Syria, from which it has
never been separated.  We are connected to Syria from a national, religious,
linguistic, natural and geographic standpoint” [in the words of the Congress
of Christian-Moslem Associations]. In fact, the 1911 edition of Encyclopedia
Britannica, states that “Palestine…was defined in the Old Testament before
their exile as the heritage of the Hebrews…the Jordan River.marks the
demarcation between Western and Eastern Palestine.” Various Arab men of
letters corroborated this : “Before 1917, when Balfour announced his
Declaration, there was never any Palestinian problem and no Palestinian
political or geographic entity (Professor Juchan Hazzam, appearing before
the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on the Land of Israel , 1945). The
assertion that they are not a separate nation, but part of the Pan Arabic
Nation, was repeated by the Palestinians themselves  in the “Palestinian
Covenant” written in 1964.  Therefore, their subsequent claim that “a final
status agreement perpetuating the 1967 borders is a painful concession over
77% of our historic homeland” is a baseless falsehood; as is their claim
that Jerusalem was ever their capital; as is their absurd claim that “there
was never a Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem and that Kings David and Solomon
are Zionist fabrications”.  Moreover, although today there is a population
that defines itself as “Palestinian”, its only unique trait is that of
unyielding opposition to the return of the Jewish People to its homeland.
For over eighty years this opposition has been characterized by systematic,
murderous terror aimed at men, women and children and by constant attempts
to initiate wars. This method of defining a national entity does not merit
independent recognition as a nation or national body. Achieving independent
national status is a worthy aspiration , but there are many national groups
in the world who, in contrast to the Palestinians, have a unique language,
culture, religion and history, yet are not allowed to become national
entities due to international consideration of the best interests of the
areas in which they live.

3. “The Supreme International Crime”.  According to the Judgment handed down
at  Nuremberg  and subsequently repeated at the United Nations in New York
in 1947 for the first time in human history, differences between nations are
to be settled through peaceful means and a country that initiates wars
commits the “Supreme International Crime”. One year later, however, in 1948,
seven Arab nations led by the “Palestinians”, Jordanians and Egyptians,
declared a war of annihilation against the fledgling Jewish State. They
thereby created the problem of the Palestinian refugees, a direct result of
this and subsequent wars that were forced on the area by the Arabs and for
whose outcomes they bear complete responsibility.  During WWII,  Hag Amin El
Husseini, head of the “Supreme Arab Committee” met with Hitler in Berlin and
publicly pledged to aid in the destruction of the Jews. Yasser Arafat
continued in this vein and declared that his plan was not to establish
another Arab State alongside of Israel, but rather to establish one instead
of Israel (which would later join Jordan, a majority of whose citizens are
Palestinians). Unfortunately, the Geneva Agreement ignored Arab intentions
and their responsibility for the murder of 30,000 Jews during 100 years of
violence. Instead, Israel alone was expected to accept moral and financial
responsibility for violence in the region. This only served to perpetuate
the wars of the Palestinians against the Jews as the message conveyed was
that the Arabs may continue to initiate aggression since the Jews will be
expected to recompense them. That is exactly what continues to occur: the
Arabs initiate wars, and when they lose, they demand the return of the
situation to its former status as well as reparations. This position is
patently absurd and exactly the opposite of what should happen to

4. The “Occupation” was perpetrated by the Arabs, not the Jews.  The use of
the terms “occupation” and “conquest” to describe Jewish settlement in the
Land of Israel is biased and incorrect for three reasons:

a. The Palestinians never ruled over the Land of Israel so that the term
“conquest” is simply not applicable in their case.  From 1948-1967 as a
result of Israel’s War of Independence, Jordan occupied parts of the Land of
Israel but the only two nations that recognized this as sovereignty were
Pakistan and Great Britain.  In any case, Jordan abrogated its claims to
sovereignty in 1988, thereby returning the land to its rightful historic
owners, the Jewish People.

b. The so called “occupation” of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip was not
the result of aggressive action on the part of Israel, but due to a war
forced on her by the Arab nations in 1967. Tellingly, the Palestinian
Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel was ratified three years
earlier, in 1964, when all these so called “conquered territories” were
still in Arab hands. Moreover, this terrorist Covenant has never been
revoked, the thousands of Jews murdered since its publication providing
tragic proof of its influence on the Palestinians.

c. All the Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip built
after the 1967 war, in contrast to those upon which the kibbutz and moshav
movements made their homes after the 1948 war, were built on lands that were
never cultivated by Palestinians. The settlements were built instead on
rocky, sandy and desolate areas as is the case in Gush Katif.

Thus, the use of the term “Israeli occupation” or “conquest” without the
above qualifiers is an intentional distortion of the truth.  It is the Arabs
who conquered the Land of Israel in the past during a period known in
history texts as “The Arab Conquest”. The Jews cannot be termed “conquerors”
or “occupiers” as a nation cannot be defined a conqueror or temporary
occupier in its own homeland.

5. Jordan is in actuality Palestine. Jordan is an artificial state created
by the British in 1923 in an attempt to appease Arab terror while ignoring
the international mandate accorded Great Britain to create a National Home
for the Jewish People on both banks of the Jordan River.  In the Hebrew
Encyclopedia, Jordan does not appear as a separate topic but is included
under the heading “The Land of Israel”(volume 6, 1963). As Prince Hassan of
Jordan stated at the National Jordanian Conference,  February 2, 1970,
“Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine.  We are one nation and one
country with one history and one future”.  Zohar Muhsein,  PLO steering
committee member was quoted on March 31, 1977 as saying: “It is only for
tactical reasons that we are careful to stress our Palestinian identity.the
founding of a Palestinian state is another tactic in the continuous war
against Israel. ..once we receive our legitimate rights in all of Palestine
we must not put off unification with Jordan for a minute”. The Palestinian
Covenant states: “The national Palestinian rule after its founding will
fight to unify those who joined it in freeing all the lands of the
Palestinians as a step towards Pan Arab unity” (paragraph 8).

Chapter 2: Extrapolation

6. The present narrow borders of the Land of Israel can barely contain one
state and certainly leave no room for a second. The founding of a
Palestinian state which intends to absorb millions of refugees within these
borders will lead to inevitable human, ecological and national catastrophe.
The worst disaster will  result in the Gaza Strip which is already the most
crowded and has the highest birthrate in the world. Gaza is a strip of
humanity that is destined to explode in the future if not allowed to expand
in the direction of Israel or Egypt. Imminent chaos will follow as the
Palestinians, in accordance with the Covenant they refuse to change, unite
in order to make life unbearable for the Jews in Israel.  Acts of murder and
terror will turn the area into hell on earth until resulting demoralization
causes Jews to flee the country in accordance with Palestinian plans to
destroy Israel by stages. “We must cleanse Palestine of the Zionist entity”
(paragraph 15, Palestinian Covenant), quoted Yasser Arafat on January 30,
1996 in a speech before 40 Arab diplomats in a Stockholm hotel. His
successor, whose doctoral thesis is an attempt at Holocaust denial,
continues quietly to follow in his footsteps. Even the “moderate” Feisal
Husseini admits that the Oslo Accords were a Trojan horse  that helped speed
up the destruction of Israel. It is thus patently clear that the
establishment of a Palestinian State will lead to an all out war between
Israel and her neighbors.

Chapter 3: Conclusions

7. Perusal of this paper leads to the inescapable conclusion that the
establishment of a Palestinian State is an irresponsible and foolhardy act.
The Middle East contains 21 Arab states that have similar cultures, the same
language, the same Koran as their  holy text. There is only one small Jewish
state, that in accordance with natural and historical justice originating in
Biblical times and in accordance with the international San Remo decisions,
was supposed to become the Jewish national home on both banks of the Jordan.
That is the basis of our claim for sovereignty on the entire West bank of
the Jordan. The leftist claim that “there is no military solution” for the
Israel Palestinian conflict  is meant to save the Arabs from defeat but in
reality perpetuates the conflict.  Only a clear military victory can effect
a political solution, as has occurred many times in history, including at
the end of WWII.

8. Jewish sovereignty must be declared over the entire Western part of the
Land of Israel. In the context of a wide ranging agreement that gains
international support, the Palestinians must be brought to realize that
Jordan, a majority of whose populace is Palestinian, is their national and
political homeland. They will be allowed to form independent local
administrations wherever they live, as long as they do not demand  status as
states. The Gazans, with international aid, will find that the Sinai
Peninsula affords them room for expansion. The plan for “a safe passage
route” that divides the State of Israel in two is untenable now that
thousands of Israelis were murdered  in the Intifada. Israel will never
agree to be sliced into two separate sections. There will be no transfer of
Jews or Arabs. Whoever has planted trees or built a home will be allowed to
remain where he is, this despite the fact that the majority of the olive
trees in Samaria were planted illegally by the Palestinians on state land
while Israel, in its weakness, turned a blind eye with the tacit consent of
the courts (The Bedouins in the Negev are presently engaged in the same
systematic encroachment of government lands). The idea that Arabs may dwell
under Israeli sovereignty but that Jews may not live under Arab sovereignty
(or in the words of PM Sharon “By August Gaza will be cleansed of Jews”)  is
totally unacceptable. In order to prevent the stealing of government
property, those Palestinians who settled illegally on government lands from
1967 onwards (as proven by aerial photography) will be considered
lawbreakers occupying stolen land.

9. The Refugees

Since the Arab nations alone created the Arab refugee problem by initiating
wars against Israel, they must take part in its solution. They are also
guilty of purposely not attempting to absorb these refugees in their
respective countries, in contrast to the 600,000 Jewish refugees expelled
from Arab lands after 1947 who were all absorbed into Israel,  as were tens
of millions of twentieth century refugees who found new homes in various
parts of the globe. The Arab intention to drive the Jews out of Israel,
including those who live in Israel today after being expelled from Arab
countries in 1947, causes a moral dilemma: the Arabs claim that land is
holy, while human life is not holy to them. (This position was accepted de
facto by the drafters of the Geneva Agreements when they agreed to free
terrorist murderers jailed in Israel by due process of law). The Jews claim
that life is sacred. Whoever wishes to give the Arabs what they claim is
holy to them must do the same for the Jews;  so that only when  the tens of
thousands of Jewish and Arab war victims are resurrected can Arab claims to
the right of return be put on the agenda. The clock cannot be turned back
for refugees who fled their homes, just as the lives of those killed by
terrorists cannot be returned to them. Those who initiated the wars must
bear responsibility for all the bloodshed they caused, for the blood spilled
on both sides.

10. Today, after egregious errors have been made by the Jews themselves (as
in the “Geneva Agreements”, or the Saudi inspired “Roadmap”), it is clear
that the international community will at first reject the plan presented
here. Israel’s hesitating, insecure presentation of its views despite the
infamy of Arab terror and the justice of its own position is no match for
the influence of the well oiled Arab propaganda machine with its unabashed
outright falsification of history.

The position presented here is not only just, it also presents moral and
practical  solutions to the situation. If we accept this position, believe
in it, adopt it and persevere unyieldingly, we will succeed in convincing
the world. At the very least, the enlightened members of the international
community will come to terms with our point of view.  We must begin the
process of presenting our position immediately, no matter how long it takes.

Signatores, members of the following settlemens, kibbutzim and moshavim:

Nahalal (Mordecai Yardenai, Reuven Yefet)
Beer Tuvia (Aya Betser)
Chamadia  (Yoav Tuvia)
Kfar Bilu  (Dr. Gideon Ledijanski)
Kfar Gideon  (Amos Yaffe)
Kfar Joshua  (David Canaani)
Moledet  (Ronen Tsafrir)
Nachshonim (Shlomo Chaviv)
Tirat Tzvi (Chava Chorin, Dr. Amnon Shapira)
Shuval (Dr. Ilana Zur)
Sde Eliahu (Ahrale Shachak)
And thousands more

Chapter 4: Summarized Version of the Plan:

1. The Land of Israel is the national and historic home of the Jewish People
from Biblical times onward, as was recognized by the international community
at San Remo in 1920 and that is why Israeli sovereignty must extend over the
entire western portion of its national home. This is a painful compromise
that is offered after the eastern part of our national homeland, the
ancestral portion of the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Menasseh was
taken from us in 1923 (76% of Israel-Palestina).

2. This painful compromise, a far reaching one for us, is conditional: if
the Arabs reject it, or if there is Jordanian aggression or terror
originating in Jordan as has occurred in the past, we will not bound by it.

3. This is the only partition that fulfills President Bush’s decision “to
divide the Holy Land between the Jews and Arabs”; its result will be that
three quarters of the historic Land of Israel will be in Palestinian hands
and only one quarter (the western part) will be in Jewish hands.

4. The establishment of a Palestinian state on any of the western portion of
the Land of Israel will bring about unavoidable regional and global
catastrophe. This must be prevented at all costs. The State of Israel cannot
accept the establishment of a foreign national entity in its midst,
especially a hostile one.

5. The refugee problem was caused by the Arabs alone, and they must solve it
in their territory. 99.9% of the Middle East is in Arab hands, they own vast
oil resources and have the choice of countries to absorb the refugees.
There will be no right of return to Israel, not even by slow stages. The
Arabs must reimburse the Jews for the properties stolen from them in 1947
and they must join the Palestinians in paying damages for the wars initiated
by them over the last hundred years (“the supreme international crime”).

6. The Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria will be citizens of
Jordan-Palestine where they will receive their national rights. They will be
allowed regional administrative autonomy in Judea and Samaria, but not
statehood which they already will have in Jordan. Those living in the Gaza
Strip will be citizens of Egypt or Sinai.

7. This plan takes the place of any other plans suggested and adopted by the
nationalist political parties in Israel and will serve as their platform for
the upcoming elections.  Those parties that adopt this plan (or an
equivalent plan) will choose their representatives to the Knesset and Prime
Minister’s position on the basis of those candidates’ prior commitment to
act on its implementation.

Final note:

The Nahalal Manifest has been translated into English, German and Russian.
However, we are in urgent need of volunteers to translate it into Arabic,
French and Spanish.

Members of  the Publication and Distribution Committee: Yoav Tuvia (Kibbutz
Hamadia),  Tsafrir Ronen (Moshav Moledet), Amnon Shapira (Kibbutz Tirat

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