by Ted Belman

May 26, 2017

Abbas agreed that Israel could keep Maaleh Adumin, Ariel and Gush Etzion. The Israel Cabinet agreed to allow some Arab building in area C and to not demolish illegal Arab construction. The Gulf states said they would normalize with Israel if Israel froze construction outside of the settlements.

I see a direction here as to where this is going.

There will be an agreement whereby Israel imposes a freeze outside the blocs providing she can build in the blocs and any where in Jerusalem. Abbas will agree to this because of the Israeli agreement not to demolish the illegal construction and to issue building permits for Arabs in Area C. The Gulf states will start the normalization process because of this deal.

That’s what this is all about. Jerusalem will remain under Israel control. Security cooperation will remain and even strengthen as Israel has also agreed to more guns for the PA.

That is why Trump was silent on Jerusalem, a Palestinian state and the “occupation”.

With this agreement in place, everything will calm down, i.e. “peace” will have been achieved and the newly formed coalition of Israel with the Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan can go about the business of defeating terrorism and containing Iran.

Although Abbas has yet to publicly responded to Trump’s demand that financing of terrorism stop, I believe Trump will force him to do so.