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Live Video Notes,

The Day of the Lord Begins..

The Day of the Lord Begins

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2 Responses to “The Day of the Lord Begins”

  1. majid almajid says:

    iam majid almajid (israel twin) i think iam the king of babylon the king of the north at torah old testement,please look at my story an interview in april 2004

  2. Mark Robinson says:

    Shalom Majid,

    As I have mentioned to you in the past you are not the king of Babylon, the king of the north. In Daniel 11 the king of the north is a country not an individual. The phrase king of the north is representative of a country.

    Even if it were speaking of an individual you reside, and, I presume, were born in Saudia Arabia. Babylon is the area of Iraq. The king of the north is not speaking of the area of Saudia Arabia.

    I would like to ask you a question I previously asked you but you didn’t answer.

    Who is Jesus?

    Mark Robinson

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