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With a “Bronze” enrollment, the student gains access to a single class. Within each class there are a number of video lessons, as well as class notes. This level of enrollment is beneficial to the person who wants to try a class to see what it is like without much of a cost. Or, for the person who is only interested in a single specific class, such as “The Feasts of Leviticus 23: A Picture of Israel and Messiah in Prophecy.” With each level of enrollment, that student has unlimited access to the course and/or class purchased including additions made to those courses and classes in the future. We anticipate that each “course” will have dozens of “classes” with many different teachers to choose from over the next months and years. If a student completes all that he or she purchased, and would like to go back in the future and go through the class again, those classes and courses are still fully accessible. There is no period or time limit to complete the classes purchased – so you can learn at your own pace!* Every class will offer the student the opportunity to have personal interaction with the teacher via a video conference call or phone call. Requests for personal interaction will be made through the teacher’s email which is provided with every class. We are excited about being able to offer this to you, and pray that the courses and classes that we have put together will be a blessing to all who enroll!

*After three years of inactivity, the account will be deactivated.


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Jewish Evangelism ( JE ), Jewish Culture in the New Testament ( JC ), Israel in the Bible and History ( IS ), Issues in the Christian World ( CW )


JE 101: The Tri-unity of God in the Tenach – Rev. Mark Robinson, JE 102: The Deity of the Messiah in the Tenach – Rev. Dan Bergman, JE 103: Jewish Misconceptions and Objections – Rev. Dan Bergman, JE 104: Plan of Salvation in the Tenach – Rev. Mark Robinson, JE 105: Isaiah 53, JE 106: Servant of Isaiah, JC 101: The Feasts of Leviticus 23 – Rev. Mark Robinson, JC 102: The Jewish Roots of Christian Baptism – Rev. Dan Bergman, JC 103: The Feasts of Israel in John – Rev. Ken Overby, JC 105: Passover: The Bread and the Cup – Rev. Mark Robinson, JC 106: Chanukah and Christmas – Rev. Mark Robinson, JC 107: Hebraisms in the New Testament – Rev. Dan Bergman, IS 101: Why Focus on Israel? – Rev. Mark Robinson, CW 101: How Were People Saved in the Tenach? – Rev. Mark Robinson, CW 102: Sabbath or Lord's Day? What Christians Should Understand – Rev. Mark Robinson, CW 103: The Day of the Lord – Rev. Dan Bergman, CW 104: Thy Kingdom Come…the Millennium – Rev. Ken Overby, CW 105: A Study of the Anti-Christ – Rev. Dan Bergman, CW 106: Timing of the Ezekiel 38-39 Invasion – Rev. Mark Robinson, IS 101: Why Focus on Israel? – Rev. Mark Robinson, IS 102: Israel: The Focal Point of History – Rev Mark Robinson, IS 103: Israel: God’s Answer to Skeptics – Rev. Mark Robinson, IS 104: Israel and the Palestinian Issue, IS 105: Israel: God’s Key to World Evangelism – Rev. Mark Robinson, IS 106: Israel: From Genesis to Malachi – Rev Mark Robinson