February 23, 2005

Ms. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State
The State Department
2201 C Street
Washington, D.C. 10520

Re:  An Open Letter About Failure Of Western Civilization

Dear Secretary Rice:

Coming so soon after my recent lengthy letter to you with many references, what gave rise to this open letter?  It was President Bush’s recent speech to EU leaders in Brussels.

The failure of Western Civilization reflects support by EU leaders and President Bush for creation of a Palestinian state carved out of the midst of democratic Israel, plus Gaza (an economic disaster controlled internally by the terrorist group Hamas).   For based on the history of the terrorist PLO for 40 years, also the PA and its leaders since the now-failed Oslo Peace Process began over 11 years ago, that state will be dictatorial, corrupt, support terrorism, support militant Islam (including Al Queda), oppressive toward its people and committed to destruction of democratic Israel reflected in aligning itself with radical Islamic nations like Syria, Iran and Libya (excluding Iraq only because our military forces toppled Saddam and his Baath regime from power in 2003).  

Faoud Ajami should write a sequel to “The Dream Palace Of The Arabs.”   The title would be, “The Dream Palace Of Western Europe, The State Department And American Presidents.”  The State Department and Presidents would be included in the title, but not the American people, because a significant majority of the people is against creation of such a Palestinian state.   They are realists, while Presidents and their State Department advisors are dreamers.   For elephants will dance in Times Square and the sun will rise in the West before a Palestinian state will become democratic (as defined in the West) and opt for peace with a secure Jewish Israel.

There is convincing evidence, especially since Oslo began, that all PA leaders, including Abu Mazen who has been one of Arafat’s right-hand men since birth of the terrorist PLO, and the vast majority of territorial Arabs, subscribe to the Islamic tenet that Israeli Jews are dhimmi, second class people (infidels) who must remain forever subservient in the Arab World.   Their ultimate goal, announced numerous times by Arafat in the Arab media since he signed the Oslo Accords in September 1993, has been destruction of Israel and incorporating its land in a Palestinian state.  

By his unwavering support of the right of return and refusal to use arms to destroy the infrastructure and confiscate the weapons of terrorist groups based in the PA, Abu Mazen has stated his support for that ultimate goal.

Why have Presidents Clinton (Democratic) and Bush (Republican), all of their Secretaries of State (including Rice) and leaders of EU nations ignored that ultimate goal, which can only be attained by defeat of the IDF in a major war likely followed by a second Holocaust (this time of Israeli Jews)?   It is because all of them cling to an unrealistic dream about the Muslim Arab World that does not square with the awful reality of the Arab goal of literally destroying Israel, a Jewish democracy in the midst of the Arab World whose way of life emulates that of EU nations and the United States.   This Western dream denies the very foundation of Western Civilization exemplified by what Israel has become in 56 years that included winning four major wars against Arab armies (in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973), two smaller wars (the War of Attrition in 1970 against Egypt and the Lebanese action in 1982 against the PLO and Syria) and the ongoing 30-year war of PLO terrorism (it continued during Oslo and the Road Map) funded by major Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia.    

This failure of Western Civilization begs the questions, (1)  why do the EU nations support creation of  another radical dictatorial Arab state that threatens the existence if Jewish democratic Israel,  (2) why is the State Department so rigid in its belief in evenhandedness toward a fellow democracy (Israel) and the terrorist-controlled PA (and its over three million people) that literally wants to destroy Israel, and (3) why have two Presidents, Democratic Clinton and Republican Bush, supported evenhandedness despite the fact that a significant majority of the American people, including leaders of over 50,000,000 Baptist and Evangelical Christians, do not support State Department and Presidential philosophy?

It’s my belief that this failure reflects partially the residue of centuries of Christian anti-Semitism that still afflicts leaders of the Western World, including our country.   It also reflects economics, reliance of Western nations on Arab oil to fuel their economies, with the memory of the 1973 Arab oil embargo, after defeat by Israel in the Yom Kippur War, that caused a depression in the Western World.

Especially in the United States, tens of millions of Christian leaders and their followers have thrown off the shackles of that anti-Semitism.   This is manifested especially in the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, during Succoth, by about 5,000 Christians from around the world who participate in a March in Jerusalem.  Terrorism since Oslo began has never deterred those Christians, young and old, from going to Jerusalem.   Sadly in contrast, terrorism discouraged hundreds of thousands American and European Jews from taking tourist trips to Israel, a situation that has reversed in recent years.  

Those Christians mingle with the Israeli people, including some of 500,000 settlers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, also residents of East Jerusalem suburbs.  In contrast, reflecting the chicken-livered policies of their nations (including ours), Western diplomats have appeased Israel’s enemy Arab nations and PA leaders by never setting foot across the green line, not even to attend the funerals of Israelis slaughtered in terrorist attacks. The dead are expendable to those diplomats.

Enclosed are three items obtained from the Internet and two recent columns in the Jewish Press (see links below) that contrast with appeasement by EU and American diplomats of Israel’s Muslim Arab enemies.  That diplomacy has had no real fire in its belly for 56 years for survival of a small struggling Jewish democracy in the Middle East.  

Those 250 American Jews (refer to the Jewish Press column), including babies and some in their 90s, are giants with positive beliefs while their nation’s diplomats and  Presidents, also leaders of Western European nations and their diplomats, are moral pygmies.  That is how history will define those leaders of Western Civilization.  

Your period as Secretary of State is in its infancy.  It has been downhill since inception concerning survival of Israel and standing up to leaders of Israel-hating Muslim Arab nations and the terrorist PLO that runs the PA.  It will take greatness on your part to become the first Secretary of State to break out of the spider’s web of State Department Arabists who have controlled Middle East policy since WW II and been responsible for terrible policies accepted by Presidents.

The choice is yours, to change from the politics of defeat to policies that will give a chance to see light at the end of the tunnel.    

Sincerely yours,
Lawrence I. Gould, Chairman of the Cleveland Middle East Forum Board of Governors
Commerce Park Three
23230 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 660
Beachwood, OH 44122
P:  216.591.9560
F:  216.591.9561

cc:        Pastor Jim Vineyard
Gary Bauer
Daniel Henninger, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Gail Collins, Editorial Page Editor, The New York Times
Brent Larkin, Editorial Page Editor, The Plain Dealer                
James Tisch, Chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Saul Singer, Jerusalem Post Editorial Page Editor
Jerry Greenwald, General Manager and Managing Editor, The Jewish Press
Natan Scharansky, Knesset Member
Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director, Christian Zionist Center in Jerusalem
Daniel Pipes
Dennis Prager
Jessica Paine (my 19 year-old granddaughter)