Obama Again Tries To Pull The Wool Over Pro-Israel, Anti-Nuclear-Iran
Eyes in Synagogue Speech

May 22, 2015 — Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein
released the following statement:

In a speech today at Adas Israel Synagogue in Washington, D.C., President
Obama voiced his usual empty flowery platitudes about having Israel’s back
and never allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons, and even asserted that
he was “an honorary member of the tribe” – while promoting policies that
place a knife squarely in Israel’s back, and lying about his record and the
Iran nuclear deal.

The President’s platitudes were clearly meaningless: In the next breath
during his speech, Obama complained about Jewish “settlements” – which are
in reality Jewish communities in historic Jewish land comprising less than
2% of Judea and Samaria, and promoted a Palestinian state – while ignoring
the facts that the Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to promote
anti-Jewish hatred in their schools, media and speeches, and that the PA is
part and parcel of a unity government with the terrorist group Hamas, and
that both the Hamas and PA President Abbas’ Fatah party’s charters call for
Israel’s destruction. President Obama also ignored the fact that the PA is
attempting to use the UN to establish a unilateral state that does not
recognize Israel, refuses to negotiate with Israel, and is determined to
wipe Israel off the face of the map. President Obama also said nothing
about the PA paying pensions to terrorists who have killed Jews.

The President also referred to Judea and Samaria as Arab land in his
speech – when the Jewish people have the greatest historical, political,
religious and legal right to these areas. After all, we are called Jews
because we are from Judea.

The President also made the nonsensical statement: “The rights of the
Jewish people then compel me to think about a Palestinian child in Ramallah
that feels trapped without opportunity.” This is absurd in light of the
fact that Israel has given away all of Gaza and almost half of Judea and
Samaria, where the Palestinian Arabs run their own lives other than sharing
security: the Arabs have their own Parliament, schools, textbooks,
newspapers, radio and TV stations, businesses and police force.

President Obama’s pretense that he has Israel’s back has been proven to be
false time and again. The Obama administration promoted Hamas’s one-sided
demands for a cease fire during the Hamas war last summer which would have
left Hamas’s terror tunnels intact; stopped rearming Israel during the war;
stopped flights to Israel; declassified and revealed Israel’s nuclear
secrets; leaked Israeli plans to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons; and has
repeatedly sought to decrease funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense
program, to name a few.

President Obama’s assertions about Iran in his speech were also belied by
the facts. For instance, Obama claimed that the deal with Iran has “already
halted or rolled back parts of Iran’s nuclear program.” In fact, Iran has
dismantled no part of its nuclear program. Instead, Iran has continued to
enrich uranium, continued to develop advanced centrifuges and
inter-continental ballistic missiles which can reach the United States, has
maintained its Fordow and Arak nuclear plants, and has received tens of
billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

In addition, the President has never once criticized Iran for repeatedly
calling for Death to America and Death to Israel – in this speech or in any

The President also claimed to be interested in “a deal that imposes
unprecedented inspections on all elements of Iran’s nuclear program, so that
they can’t cheat.” The President failed to mention that Iran’s leaders have
insisted and reiterated again this week that Iran will forbid inspections of
its military facilities (the most likely location for nuclear weapons),
forbid its nuclear scientists from speaking with nuclear inspectors, and
require 24 days from the time a suspected violation is reported before an
inspection can occur – which gives Iran the time to move nuclear material
and weapons to a new undisclosed location.

President Obama also promoted the myth of “snap back sanctions” when country
after country and expert after expert says that this will not occur, and is
indeed impossible, given the fact that it takes years to put sanctions into
place. Just last week, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin flatly
rejected the Obama administration’s claims that sanctions on Iran would be
restored immediately if Iran violates the terms of the agreement.

The President also falsely claimed during his speech he wants a full
discussion about how to stop Iran. Yet, he lobbied Congress incessantly to
“disinvite” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking to
Congress about the very same subject – how to stop Iran. Obama also twisted
Democrats’ arms to not attend PM Netanyahu’s speech, and fought against
Congress having any say on the Iran deal. The Obama administration also
adamantly refused to treat the Iran deal as a treaty – which would require
approval of two thirds of the Senate – despite the fact that virtually every
past nuclear deal has been deemed a treaty.

The President’s refusal to require an Iranian commitment to end terrorism
against Israel and America as a pre-requisite for sanctions relief, or as
any part of the Iran deal, further confirms the reality that President Obama
does not have Israel’s back – or America’s back – no matter what bromides he
might utter at a Washington synagogue. The President has even mocked those
who sought to link an Iran deal to an end of Iranian terror.
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