Mr. President Relocate Palestinians: Not Jews From the Land of Their Inheritance
by John Stembridge
Former Mayor of North Miami, Fl.
I am somewhat conflicted about your upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Sharon at your ranch in Crawford, TX. next Monday April 11th. As you remember, Mr. President,  I wrote you last year challenging your hosting of the royal family of Saudi Arabia at your ranch but not Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel our closest ally in the Middle East. Now that you have corrected this error and have invited the Prime Minister, I am pleased at the invitation but on the other hand very troubled for the two of you as well as for the people that you lead. The reason for that concern Mr. President is that I believe that your and Sharon’s plan to evacuate the Jews from Gush Kativ and the other communities which they have sacrificially developed over the last several decades. is equivalent to thumbing your noses in the face of the Almighty. Instead of winning the Pulitzer Peace Prize, I am concerned that both of you will invite the displeasure of the Almighty on your administrations and the people whom you serve.
You ask, why would you make such a statement John? Well Mr. President, when, nearly a thousand times the Almighty is calling all the tribes out all the nations of our scattering back to Zion and to Himself, it means that this regathering of His people is something that He is very passionate about. Like any husband, He wants His wife living with Himself in the home that He gave her as an inheritance forever and not living with other gods in their homes scattered among the nations of the globe.
The false premise being touted that Israel has too much land is a ruse. When you look at the size of Israel, that is smaller than the State of New Jersey, Mr. President, compared with land controlled by more than one and a quarter billion Moslems, you will see how idiotic that argument is. For example Mr. President, my city Miami, Fl. has taken in more than two million refugees in the last fifty years at great expense and sacrifice to the people of our city. Is it too much to expect the one and a quarter billion Moslems of the world to take one million Palestinians into their nations thereby finally allowing Israel to live in peace within safe and secure borders?
Rather than giving nearly a billion hard earned American taxpayers dollars  to evacuate Jews from any part of Zion thereby invoking the wrath of the Almighty, I would rather give our money to relocate all Palestinians, who are willing, to homes in the nations of their Islamic brothers. Better yet, let the Islamic oil nations use some of their extortionate oil profits from America and the industrialized nations along  with our funds to help fund their relocation.
Mr. President, I am urging all my friends and their friends to write their Congressmen and Senators to urge Congress to deny you and Sharon one dollar of our tax dollars to  be used to evacuate Jews from any part of the Holy Land. On the other hand, I am asking them to urge their representatives and Congress, along with the profits from Islamic oil nations, to fund the relocation of every Palestinian family, who is willing, to Islamic nations around the world.
Mr. President, you were recently reelected by a sizable margin, I am urging you to be bold by taking  a stand by breaking  with the advice  of your secular  advisors in the State Department. Rather than use loyal hard working American tax payers funds to relocate Jews use our dollars along with the dollars of the Islamic oil nations to fund the relocation of the Palestinians to the nations of their Islamic brothers. By doing this, you will have a greater chance of winning the favor of the Almighty which is of far greater value than any prize conceived by man.
I have been told that you are a believer in the Bible. If you are Mr. President, then you already know, whether your advisors in the State Department know it or not, that G-d is currently calling all the tribes out of every nation of their scattering back to the land of their inheritance. If you and Mr. Sharon want to be blessed and your nations blessed, find out G-d’s agenda and then cooperate with Him, rather than opposing His will like Hitler, Haman, Pharaoh, and all the other leaders who have ended on the ash heaps of history.
May you and Mr. Sharon do the right thing in the eyes of the Almighty Mr. President who will be watching and listening to both of you in Crawford, TX. next Monday as well as the knowledgeable in your nations.