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Our Favorite Links

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
Daily news from Israel including Defense and the Middles East; Politics and Government; Inside Israel; Jewish World; Weather; and much more.
Holy Land Photos
The purpose of is to make images from the lands of the Bible available free to the general public. Our emphasis is upon the images. The text accompanying the image is meant to be helpful in identifying what one is looking at in the imag
Information on building the Temple
Information on building Temple site with great links for ivestigating Questions about the Temple.
Isaiah 18 - Rev. Mark Robinson
Isaiah 28 by Rev. Mark Robinson
Isaiah Chpt 1 Part 1 - Mark Robinson
Jerusalem Assembly - House of Redemption
Jerusalem Assembly House of Redemption was established as a local church on May 5\, 1991. Over the years God has blessed us to see the fellowship grow from just 13 people to over 200. Our hope is that you will find the information you are looking for as y
Jerusalem Post
The newspaper for those interested in what is happening in Israel.
Jewish Virtual Library
Your source for information about Jewish history, Israel, U.S.-Israel relations, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and Judaism. This is not just a historical archive\, it is also the place to find talking points on breaking news. When an issue comes to the for
Judaism and Jewish Resources
If you are interested in something Jewish and can't find it here (except unfortunately sites about Jewish believers in Jesus) you might not be able to find it..
Temple Mount Faithful Movement
Up to date information on what is happening in the pursuit to rebuild the Temple and institute the sacrificial system
The Glory of God: Ezekiel 1 by Rev. Mark Robinson
Zechariah 12:10
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