Dear Mr. Shapiro,
Thank you so much for your website and getting the truth out about Israel. 
As a non-Jewish American woman living in Italy, I have kept close watch on Israel and how Europeans view it which is to say: not good. I am politically Republican and conservative, though not religious (believe in God, but that’s about it). It breaks my heart though what Italians say every day. Jews are dirty, Jews cheat you out of your money, Sharon is Hitler, the poor Palestinians are peace loving and the JEWS are the real terrorists. I can only shake my head at such twisted evil logic.
In Rome, graffiti is a growing problem, and I cannot tell you the number of swastikas, “Sharon is a terrorist”, “Bush is Hitler”, messages spray painted onto buildings found in UPSCALE areas, apartments, and even precious historical monuments. I ask myself who these people are, that hate so much. What did the Jews ever do to Italy??
I can only tell you my perspective from this country, but as you must know, Anti-Semitism is growing in the UK and France especially. This is partly due to the large Muslim population, in my opinion, which brings me to another worrying problem. Muslims are coming to Europe in DROVES. And they are pumping out children like you wouldn’t believe, while the Europeans marry late and have at the most 1 or 2 children (if any at all). Now I am not saying that Europeans should be required to have multiple kids, but do the math! Perhaps in 20-50 yrs, Muslims will outnumber Europeans! And then what? What mercy will they show the infidels? I am flabbergasted at the Europeans’ naivete and stupidity. Which is why come this summer, I am moving back to the US. I have lived here nearly 10 yrs but I can’t take it anymore, especially after 9-11.Europe has shown its true colors, its jealous hatred of America and capitalism (perhaps not a perfect system, but the best one we have for mankind to thrive), and its inexplicable anti-semitism.
I am originally from San Jose, CA but am moving to NY city. I expect to meet many Jews there who will undoubtedly be pro-Arab hoping for the destruction of Israel. Are these people crazy??? Why do these Jews believe this way? Is it because they are secretly ashamed of themselves? It’s the only explanation I can come up with. If you have some insight into anything I have mentioned, I would love to hear it.
Sorry for the rant, but had to get this off my chest. No one will listen here.
I will keep spreading the word as best I can, however, I will never stop believing that the Israelis have a right to their land and their democracy. Keep doing your good work and God bless you.
Suzanne , friend of Israel