By Arlene Peck

July 31, 2005

You know, folks, things aren’t always what they seem. The whole world is saddened and upset about the recent bombings in what was once “Jolly Olde England.” The newspapers are still filled with the outpouring of sympathy everyone is feeling for the Brits. Sad to say, while horrific, the bombings are no big deal in the history of Islamic terrorist events, especially if one looks at the long string of similar incidents in Israel. Incidentally, around the same time Israel had another one of those suicide homicide bombings, which made the news for about ten minutes. There was hardly any mention of what people in the Jewish State were experiencing, courtesy of their own “home-grown terrorists” around the same time.

To add insult to injury, the LA Times, as usual, managed to make Israel look like the aggressor when they responded to the latest flurry of missile strikes and gunfire, which resulted in the death of a 22-year-old- Israeli woman and several injuries. Just to give you an idea: “Israel Kills 6 In Strikes on Hamas” and “The army responds to militant attacks with offensives in Gaza and the West Bank, sparking fear of renewed violence before the Gaza pullout.” Personally, I would rather have seen a headline saying Israel had killed 60,000 of these Hamas vermin. Do you think the names of the “special Times correspondents” being “Fayed Abu Shammalah in Gaza City” and “Maher Abukhater in the West Bank” might have anything to do with the, as usual, biased and incorrect reporting? Naw.

But, why single out the L.A.Times? Even the BBC has reverted to calling these murderers “militants”, “freedom fighters,” “activists” and guerrillas”.

I find it amazing that the Peoples Truth Forum, which is sponsoring a symposium, titled, “The Radical-Islamist threat to World Peace and National Security” , to be held in Connecticut in September, was refused by CBS/infinity when PTF president, Jeffery Epstein, tried to purchase commercial time to publicize the event.

It is unbelievable that, in this day and age, when we are confronted almost daily with images of these savages cutting off heads, blowing up kindergartens or torturing children, as we saw in Russia last year, that CBS would have the stupidity to issue an official statement. “Too many people might be emotionally affected by this subject matter—it’s too controversial to be aired at this time.”

I truly believe that between the ACLU and Politically Correct in this country, we are going to destroy whatever values and grasp of reality we have left. How can the corporate idiots running these press outlets conclude that a message against terrorism is “issue” related and should go through CBS’s legal department for a final decision?

Thank heavens the topic is “issue related” and has been endorsed as such by several congressional representatives and senators. I find it incredible that known terror-supporting organizations, such as CAIR and their ilk, can co-opt organizations like the ACLU and use our system to sue companies like General Motors and Dell, forcing them to accede to their demands for “special favors’, and get airtime glorifying Islam and terrorism, seemingly at will. And, virtually no one speaks to the issue or to the challenge to the rest of us. Yet, if recognized counter-terrorism experts try to get the same, they are denied. You betcha, “too many people might be emotionally affected by the subject matter.”

Folks, I pray that enough of you wake up and stop this politically correct nonsense insanity. We are in a worldwide war! A war! It is time to start acting like it. How many more bombings, infanticides, airline hijackings, and absolute chaos are we doing to stand by and just watch? How many more billions of dollars are we going into “programs” which are really good behavior money, before we realize that no matter how much we give, it is never going to be enough? The Muslim world wants nothing but the complete domination and death of every Christian and Jew who is out there! They have said so and we must take them at their word! To be fair.. we ought to remember that old adage.. not every Muslim is a terrorist.. but, every terrorist has been a Muslim! They invented the word!

For decades, Israel has been told, “you give up land, and then there will be peace in the world.” Finally, others are beginning to realize that no matter how much we cave in and agree to dismember the Jewish State, their demands will always be more… more… more!

How long will we be onlookers, complacently watching country after country fall to Muslim demands and control? Spain, instead of reacting with bravery and nerve, tried “appeasement” and now is under the control of the terrorist. Holland? No more as we’ve known it. Once an “open door’ to any and all request for asylum, the Dutch now have the toughest policy regarding immigration in the European Union but it may a case of “too little, too late’. They left the door open for so long that the number of Muslims in the country is major and growing at a rate well beyond that of the native population because of their carrying political correctness to near extremes.

The Brits are now standing by, keeping a “stiff upper lip”, following “business as usual”, after giving these murderers safe haven for the past decade. Now what happens? Are they going to allow themselves to become the capital of Londonistan perhaps, and continue their politically correct self-annihilation? When are they, we, Spain and the rest of the civilized world going to strike back at these vermin who are holding the world captive?

How have we failed to notice that Arab nations treat their Muslim brothers (blacks, Kurds, Bedouins, or those who practice another form of Islam) far less cordially than England, Holland, Spain, the U.S. and even Israel do? Actually, places like China and India come to mind. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to be on the “jihad hit-list”. Could it be that the Islamic cancer, although savage and primitive, is also pragmatic and realizes their host might not be as “politically correct’ in their response to outrages? The Jihadists are clever enough to realize that it is the Western nations which are ripe for intimidation and blackmail. They also discovered to their joy that, because the West doesn’t comprehend who Muslims are and what the Muslim ultimate message is, that they could count on being pretty much left alone and allowed to preach, recruit, collect funds and further their messages of death and hate to the point it has reached today.

While the world watched from the sidelines and the UN passed resolution after resolution against Israel, the Arab countries have successfully cleared out their Jews with massive ‘ethnic cleansing. Iran, Syria and Egypt chased their Jews out with barely the clothes on their backs. Who is giving them the “right of return?” While at the same time, the same lovely people who gave the Jews the Holocaust, the EU, aided by the various Arab nations, kept the so-called Palestinians in wretched ‘refugee camps” for over fifty years. Why? Simply for propaganda purposes to maintain the hatred of Jews in the Arab street. This is a culture that I believe is frozen in time in the 7th century, where I also believe they are most comfortable and suited.

Stupidly, we in the United States have deluded ourselves, that if we ignore the 7th century mentality that runs the Muslim world, and pretend that if we could only “make Israel behave”, there would be world peace. Now that it is hitting on our home shores, and we are beginning to notice that every page in every paper is filled with the latest atrocity of the Arabs, worldwide, we seem to be getting the idea vaguely that maybe Israel was really telling the truth! Could it actually be possible that Israel has nothing to do with their barbaric seventh century Holy War against the world?

I fear for the future, and especially fear for Israel if she does not escape the dominance of the United States and the Bush State Department. Rice, and before her, Colin Powell, is not an ‘honest broker’. For decades, we have watched our tax money being poured into the coffers of corrupt Arab politicians and are now in the process of doing it again for Abbas. Go look again at the pictures of President Bush holding hands with the Saudi Prince!

The religious rights have discovered that the Jews were only the canary in the coalmine. First they came after the “Saturday people” and now folks, sadly, but inevitably, its open season on the “Sunday People.”