by Emanuel A. Winston,

Freman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator

As I observed President George W. Bush speaking at Yad Vashem (the Israeli Museum to the 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust), I found the speech disingenuous, despite Bush’s alleged tearing up. Although Bush intoned a solemn speech, I could not help but see the hypocrisy of this supposedly born-again Methodist. He had just come from a meeting where he swung a vicious axe against the living tree of Judaism and the Jewish nation.

Standing by was his equally devious associate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ready to pick up and burn whatever Bush chopped out. Bush and Rice are not the first to try and sever both the roots, trunk and branches of the "Living Tree" planted by G-d in the Holy Land of Eretz Yisrael. As in the past, they swung their axes, burned the branches yet the roots remained deep and alive.

In the end it was not the tree that dies, it was the attacking nations who suffered and disappeared. Granted it took time but, eventually those mighty civilizations rotted away and are only spoken about in history books. History is replete with the ignominious fate of nations who came to conquer the Land of Israel, thinking that they could capture the spiritual power of the G-d of the Jews and add Him to their selected gods, assuring them of a glorious after-life.

It was a travesty to see an American President of German ancestry, visit and speak at Yad Vashem – even as he was forcing the Jewish nation into re-partition. He was literally visiting the remains of European and Russian Jewry, also axed down by his German ancestors. (1)

He should have been pleading for forgiveness before the G-d of the Jews. Instead, he had come from parleys wherein he instructed – no, ordered – the Jews of Israel to give up the ground G-d had given to the Jewish people for eternity, all in defense of a wild, murderous people who gathered and adopted the name "Palestinians". President Bush has tried to become the godfather and benefactor of "Hamastine".

Bush is striving to appease the same Arabs who joined Hitler to bring his murder machine to Jerusalem and all of Palestine. These same thoughts and motivation remain with the Muslims Arabs of today, as they arm for Israel destruction. Had the Muslim Arabs under the Grand Mufti Amin Al Husseini, succeeded in bringing Hitler into Palestine, Yad Vashem would not exist in Jerusalem. But, if it did, there would be a separate section for Palestinian Jews. (All Jews born in Eretz Yisrael (Palestine) before 1948 were Jewish Palestinians.)

Bush is trying to appease the Muslim Arab nations who always hated the Jews but also hated their own Palestinian brethren, as evidenced by their refusal to take them in as citizens.

President Bush said the Land of Israel was "occupied" by the Jews and they must give it back. Bush is lacking or ignoring the history of the Land wherein the Muslim Arabs came in as conquerors time and again to "occupy" the Land of the Jews. Indeed, the Land was at numerous times "occupied" by invading Arab Muslims. They did not value it as Holy – no, not even Jerusalem. The Muslim Koran never mentions Jerusalem one time. You can see the weeds growing in photos of the Temple Mount plaza during the short "occupation" by the Muslims. But, the Land of Israel and Jerusalem was retaken through defensive wars by her rightful owners. The Jews had returned to the Land of our Patriarchs, the Land of our Patrimony, the Land that G-d gave the Jewish people in perpetuity – as our inheritance.

Many conquerors came, not for the stones, water, oil or gold but, for the mystery of a Deity who chose Jerusalem as His place on Earth. The invaders may have conquered the bricks, stones and mortar but they could never come away with the Supernatural Power they sought. They could not make the City come alive as did the Jews. Eventually all left empty-handed – except the Jews who made the Eternal Capital of Jerusalem glow like gold in G-d’s sunlight.

Bush had help in planning where to strike the heaviest blows of his axe. He had PM Olmert and his cohorts who literally hate the Jewishness imbued in the Land on which they walk. To fell the mighty tree of Judaism one needs long-term planning by her enemies – both from insiders and from outsiders.

All those who wanted the Tree of Judaism chopped and dead, worked together diligently and secretly for years. We have now seen Bush swing his axe – with planning and help from Rice, Baker and Olmert, the Saudis, Syria, Iran, ‘et al’. In addition to the blows of the axe, we hear the false words of an enforced peace, crafted to cover up the whack-whack-whack of the chopping while the chips fall to the ground.

I wonder: IF the collaborators succeed in felling the ancient tree of Judaism, will they then dig a great hole to unearth the deep roots from which they all were born? Can their hatred be so intense that the choppers will cut off the branch upon which their own civilizations sit? I think they will try but, I already see these nations crumbling as their money becomes worthless; as nature turns against them in fire, flood, war and pestilence. As Rome, Babylon and Egypt – each in their time became lost civilizations, so too will the great civilizations of our time start to wobble and crash.

It’s all happening now so that even the most dense can see it coming. Swing your axe, Mr. President, but, if you succeed, the tree you will try to chop down may be your own nation.


1. "The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law and Genocide in the 20th Century" by Christopher Simpson Grove Press NY 1993 p. 28 re: Prescott Bush & "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People" by John Loftus & Mark Aarons" St. Martin’s Press NY 1994 George H. W. Bush pp: 56, 78, 356, 358, 360-1, 510 & George W. Bush p. 491