by Gerald A. Honigman

     Another Arab bought his ticket to paradise and his seventy-two awaiting virgins by murdering and maiming young Jews last night.

     No surprise here, despite the so-called cease fire agreed to by the “moderate” Abbas. He ran for office, after all, literally being carried on the shoulders of such folks, promised them protection from Israel, and wants to incorporate their fellow butchers of innocents into his own military to do so.

     Abbas also pledged to continue to work towards Israel’s destruction, but by other “more acceptable” means.

     Blown up buses and nightclubs–like the recent one in Tel Aviv–bring bad press and negatively impact on the unilateral pressure being brought to bear on Israel to make yet more concessions to an enemy which promises not peace, but only more demands for more unilateral concessions from Jews in return. And they openly call any negotiations with Jews a Trojan Horse.

     “Condemnations” from Condy or Dubya don’t change these realities.

      Israel better wise up…and fast. Despite the probable shameful threats from abroad.

     Abbas refuses to do what really needs to be done with disembowelers of Jews–and demands that Jews also do nothing to stop them from murdering their kids.

     What other nation or people would be asked to put up with this manure?

     Where is the outrage here? (Not that I really expect any from most of the rest of the world.)

     The more Israel concedes, the more it’s bloodied. We’ve been down this path before, and Oslo was its name.

     There must be no Oslo II. Israel must say no–and mean it– to even its “friends” on such matters. And it must not play the game by rules that Arabs set for it.

     Abbas has the manpower and the military to act. If he refuses to do so, then neither he nor his colleagues deserve the state they are demanding…the Arabs’ state #22, and second–not first–to be created within the original April 25, 1920 borders of the Palestinian Mandate. Jordan (then Transjordan) emerged on the lion’s share (some 80%) as a gift from Colonial Secretary Churchill in 1922.

     And if they get that undeserved state anyway (thirty million stateless Kurds still don’t have one) and the murder continues, then Israel must declare full scale war on that state and do unto it what America did unto the Taliban which supported the murder of America’s own innocents. B-1s, B-52s, daisy cutter and bunker buster bombs, cruise missiles, and such were America’s weapons of choice…not merely targeted attacks by helicopters.

     It’s important at this time, however, to step back a bit and look at this issue in its broader perspective, so let’s give it a go…

     While the past year brought other issues back to the front burner which also demanded immediate attention (the future of the Gaza Strip and the rest of the disputed territories as just a few examples), it’s worth rethinking another all-too-real fact of life that has driven events over recent past years, especially since the onset of the era of the so-called Oslo “peace, ” and is still very much with us. I’m speaking, of course, about the Arab suicide/homicide bomber, a subject tragically thrown back into our faces in Tel Aviv last night.

      We have indeed heard much about suicide/homicide bombers in the Middle East. And when Israel pursues the deliberate murderers of its innocents, this then becomes the next excuse for Arabs to kill more innocents. Of course, the way many–if not most–Arabs see all of this, there are really no Israeli “innocents.” They’re all simply Jews who have stolen “purely Arab” land. That’s the way it’s taught in their textbooks, preached in their mosques, and inbred elsewhere as well.

     After the September 11, 2001 tragedy, when nineteen Arabs (mostly Saudis) hijacked civilian aircraft and flew them as guided missiles into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing some three thousand Americans and others as well, the situation has become even more of a concern. Officials believe that it’s just a matter of time before the United States, itself, once again becomes victimized this way. The Arab suicide / homicide bomber has also since made his (or her) debut in other places as well–notably in the fight for the future of Iraq. Young children have also been utilized as living bombs.

     There is no doubt that this is a horrendous human tragedy. But while Arabs and their supporters place the blame for this on Israel, the truth is actually far more depressing.

     Like in many other places, there are conflicting historical and political claims over the land contested between Arabs and Jews. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scholarly books written about the connection of the Jews to the land of Israel. The very name Jew, itself, comes from the later name of the land, Judaea, which in turn was named for the Hebrew tribe of Judah–one of Jacob’s sons. Judaean equals Jew. Early Muslim Arab historians recorded this in their works, as does the Qur’an itself, the Holy Book of Islam.

     Similarly, there are many books which deal with the imperial Arab conquest, settlement, and incorporation of the land of Israel / Judaea / Palestine–and much of the rest of entire region as well–into the two earlier Arab Caliphates based in Damascus and Baghdad. Imperialism is evidently only a nasty word when non-Arabs so indulge in it.

     Suffice it to state, therefore, that a quest for relative justice demanded some sort of compromise over the land in question. Unfortunately, that was too much to ask…

     Arabs saw themselves as the only legitimate heirs to a defeated Ottoman Turkish Empire which had replaced the Arabs (and others) as imperial rulers and had ruled most of the region for some four centuries prior to the end of World War I.

     After the Allied defeat of the Turks, Arabs subsequently treated the region as “purely Arab patrimony” and acted accordingly. Despite the presence of scores of millions of non-Arab Berbers, Kurds, Jews, Black Africans, Copts, Semitic but non-Arab Lebanese, and others as well, Arabs saw these as purely Arab lands.

     As just a few of many other examples of what next transpired, both Berber and Kurdish languages and cultures were periodically “outlawed,” churches of the Copts were burned down, Black Africans in the Sudan and Kurds in Syria and Iraq were massacred, and more Jews fled “Arab” lands than Arabs who fled Israel…the other side of that famous refugee problem that few folks ever talk about. Those who resisted this forced Arabization process were simply killed, turned into refugees, and the like…millions over the decades, and continuing to this very day.

     Returning to our main topic, the Arab rejectionist response to the question of a compromise with the Jews over the question of Israel / Palestine falls into this same pattern. Arabs rejected any solution which would grant Jews any rights at all. They attacked a miniscule, reborn Israel in 1948…and thus the continuing problem regarding Arab refugees. But it didn’t have to be this way…

     Hundreds of millions of people became refugees in the course of the last violent century (not to mention the millions before then). Many were displaced between the two world wars. Scores of millions were uprooted in the 1947 partition of the Indian subcontinent into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Many more examples exist, like that involving Turks and Greeks; but, as is already hinted to above, one truly stands out in light of the current turmoil in the Middle East: The one half of Israel’s five million Jews whose families fled Arab/Muslim lands around the same time Arabs fled in the opposite direction because of the invasion of Israel by five Arab states upon its rebirth in 1948. This does not include another million of these Sephardim who fled to other lands in the Diaspora, notably France and the Americas. Greater New York City alone now has tens of thousands of Syrian Jews. They were known as kilab yahud–“Jew Dogs”–in those “Arab” lands…So much for what Arabs like to claim was their alleged tolerance of “their Jews” before the rise of modern political Zionism. Again, how dare anyone else but Arabs demand a sliver of national dignity in the region!

     At virtually the same time that the partition of the Indian subcontinent was taking place, the Arabs rejected a similar plan that would have created a second state for themselves in historic Palestine. Jordan had already emerged on some 80% of the original territory of the Mandate issued to Great Britain in the wake of the Paris Peace Conference on April 25, 1920. Colonial Secretary Churchill had separated all of Palestine east of the Jordan River and handed it over to Britain’s Hashemite Arab allies in the creation of Transjordan in 1922.

     Listen to what Sabri Jiryis, a prominent Palestinian Arab researcher at the Institute for Palestinian Studies in Beirut, had to say about all of this in the Lebanese newspaper, Al-Nahar, on May 15, 1975:

     “While it is estimated that 700,000 Arabs fled the 1948 war…against this…Arabs caused the expulsion of just as many Jews from Arab states…whose properties were taken over…a population and property exchange occurred and each side must bear the consequences.”

     Much more evidence for this exists in books written by Arab kings, officials, and others as well.

     So, why is it that over a half century later, Arabs– who have received billions of dollars in aid from the United Nations, the European Union, America, oil revenues, other international funds, and elsewhere as well–still have not relieved the plight of their own refugees…a problem which, by their own rejectionist attitudes, they largely created themselves? They have, after all, almost two dozen states on some six million square miles of territory–lands that belonged mostly, as we have already discussed, to other non-Arab peoples before they were conquered in the name of the Arab nation. Jews absorbed their own refugees into a sole, tiny state roughly the size of New Jersey.

     The answer to the above question can perhaps best be illustrated by Arab actions.

     Some years back, with the status of the disputed territories Israel found itself in control of in the aftermath of the 1967 War still unresolved, Israel offered to knock down the dilapidated refugee camps and replace them with new housing and better living conditions.

     It’s worth remembering that Egypt and Jordan occupied these territories from 1948 to 1967 and not only did nothing about this problem but never discussed the creation of that additional Palestinian Arab state here either.

     So, how did the Arabs respond to that Israeli offer?

     They demanded that Israel do nothing to remedy life in the camps.

     Again, why?

     It’s really not hard to understand…

     Quite simply, and as it has been known for decades, Arabs have used their own refugees as pawns in their perpetual war to delegitimize Israel.

     For Arabs, there is no justice nor suffering besides their own.

     They don’t want the refugee problem solved–not as long as it means that a viable Israel will still exist on the morrow. That’s why they tacked on the “right of return” of millions of real or alleged Arab refugees to the so-called Saudi peace plan a few years back and Arafat walked away from an offer to get some 97% of the disputed territories, half of Jerusalem, and other major Israeli concessions as well at Camp David 2000 and Taba.

    Even the “moderate” Abbas has pledged to destroy Israel democratically by forcing it to accept millions of allegedly “returning” Arab refugees sworn to its destruction.

     The result of Arafat’s, the “moderate” Saudis’, and Abbas’ so-called “peace plans” still envisions Israel’s Jews being overwhelmed so that a second Arab state will replace Israel, not live side by side with it. This should come as no surprise since all Palestinian (and many other) Arab maps, school books, web sites, and the like still continue to omit Israel as well. This is also why talk about creating a “provisional Palestinian Arab State” under these circumstances is scary.

      Fellow sweet-talking Faisal al-Husseini, the late colleague of President Mahmoud Abbas and showcase moderate of the PLO, said that while he’d accept any land diplomacy would yield, a purely Arab Palestine from the River to the Sea was the real goal…the same old “destruction of Israel in stages” strategy dominant since after the “one fell swoop” alternative collapsed in failure during the 1967 Six Day War.

     Thus, tragically, despite the renewed hopes, this conflict still really has no end in sight.

      Unless Arabs offer Israel a true peace, not a temporary hudna/ceasefire designed only to win them more time and concessions on the road to Israel’s destruction, Israel will have no choice other than to treat its enemies in a manner in which America or any other country would have done many suicide bombings ago. As just one example, the Powell Doctrine (as in Colin)  calls for massive retaliation against America’s own enemies. Keep this in mind…And again, no pinpoint accuracy demanded of American bombers, missiles, and such either. Just ask the Iraqis and Afghanis. Furthermore, the horrendous human costs specifically associated with the suicide/homicide bombings–for both sides–have been created and sustained by the Arabs themselves.

     Reasonable compromises have been repeatedly offered–and rejected–to end the Arab-Israeli conflict…certainly more than anything Arabs have ever offered to the numerous native, non-Arab peoples they have conquered and forcibly Arabized in carving out most of the almost two dozen states they now call their own.