by Paul Eidelberg

Ten years after 9/11 and mountains of evidence, not even America’s most experienced statesmen have the moral clarity and courage to identify America’s enemy. Even though Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeatedly chants “death to America,” and even though that chant is echoed by imams in hundred of mosques in the United States, America’s most experienced statesmen repeat such drivel as this: “Only a small minority of Muslims—extremists—have distorted their religion,” so that it’s not Islam but a “political totalitarian ideology” that is America’s enemy. And these statesmen find support from American scholars!

Before continuing, ponder these citations from an exceptional scholar, Ephraim Karsh, Islamic Imperialism: A History (2005):

“I was ordered to fight all men until they say ‘There is no god but Allah.’”   —Prophet Muhammad farewell address, March 632 

“I shall cross this sea to their islands to pursue them until there remain no one on the face of the earth who does not acknowledge Allah.” — Saladin, January 1189

“We shall export our revolution throughout the world … until the calls ‘there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’ are echoed all over the world.” —Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, 1979

“I was ordered to fight people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.” —Osama bin Laden, November 2001

It’s quite obvious that the above Muslim leaders declared war against Christianity, to say nothing of all other religions. Studies indicate that 20 percent and as much as 80 percent of Islam’s 1.5 billion Muslims support Jihad—and it’s the Jihadists that carry the banner of Islam.

Muslim leaders do not regard the war they are engaged in as a war against “Christian extremists” or against a Christian minority that has “distorted Christianity.” Nor are they anxious to find and encourage Christian “moderates,” No, they have defined the enemy, and having dose so, they can now wage war with clarity of purpose and proceed to muster any and all means to win that war, including weapons of mass destruction. They are animated by the mantra, “we love death.”

Muslims have been waging war against non-Muslims since the time of Muhammad. With clarity of purpose, they ravaged and conquered one non-Muslim community after another on three continents. Indeed, according to the Center for the Study of Political Islam, the armies of Islam—not of “Islamism”—have slaughtered approximately 270 million people during the past 1,400 years! The conquerors were not “Islamic extremists.” They were not simply a Muslim minority that had distorted Muhammad’s religion. No, they were following the religious imperatives of his “Holy” Quran—as anyone can see by reading that book. Consult Internet for the name of Syrian-born psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan who had enough moral clarity and the courage to renounce not “Islamism,” not “political Islam,” not “Islamic extremism”—or any related piece of obscurantism—but Islam pure and simple.

Unfortunately, the moral clarity and courage of this remarkable woman is lacking among American statesmen. It is also lacking among many prominent and “politically correct” scholars of Islam. No doubt many fear a violent “backlash” or a stifling of freedom of expression and of civil rights. Others simply fear the canard of “Islamophobia.” Put more simply: they fear an outright religious war. The last thing they want is a replay of the Thirty Years War.

The trouble is that the replay began in 1979 with the ascendancy of the Ayatollah Khomeini. That was the beginning of a revolution without parallel in human history. That revolution was facilitated by the Carter Administration. It was ignored by two Clinton Administrations. Its true nature was obscured by two George W. Bush Administrations, which propagated cliché about the “war against terrorism.” And since George Bush failed to identify the enemy, America now its apologist in the White House!

So, what would be an appropriate epitaph for America—God forbid it should come to this?

“Here lies a once great nation whose leaders were silent about the most dangerous religion confronting Western civilization.”