August 14, 2012 by Tad Cronn

While the world was still discussing the Olympics and Team Obama was scrambling for ways to destroy Paul Ryan’s reputation, the Muslim Brotherhood was securing its power in Egypt and erasing the last shred of hope that the country’s violent revolution might turn into some sort of Western-style democracy.

It was a fool’s hope to begin with, and most people knew that.

But the president seemed to hold it. More importantly, he desperately needed the American people to believe it.

Only the hope of democracy in that feudal part of the world could make any sense of the president’s policy of encouraging and supporting, financially and militarily, rebellions in so many countries. If the American public had believed that Obama was warmongering to replace dictatorships with worse dictatorial theocracies, they never would have supported his foreign policy.

This weekend, the Egyptian government pushed out several top military leaders, overturned a constitutional declaration the military had used to severely limit the powers of the presidency, then passed sweeping reforms to give broad new powers to President Mohammed Morsi, a member of the international Muslim Brotherhood.

One newspaper, al Dustor, that criticized the moves by Morsi and the Brotherhood swiftly found itself censored and its staff threatened for “fueling sedition” with “words punishable by law.”

It’s been no secret to those who have read foreign press accounts of the ongoing changes in Egypt that the Muslim Brotherhood was the real power in the new government and that hard-core Islamicists were angling to secure their hold on the country.

The American press has had its usual news blackout to protect Obama from repercussions of his backfiring policies in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere.

If the Obama Administration was truly clueless about the Muslim Brotherhood’s growing power, then Americans would be right to cast a suspicious eye at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose top aide, Huma Abedin, has family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Michele Bachmann and other members of Congress were roundly criticized for simply asking if Abedin had been properly vetted before obtaining her security clearance. The growing power of the Muslim Brotherhood, alongside the Administration’s claimed ignorance, underscores the need to have those questions answered.

Of course, the real answer is most probably that all the “outrage” about Bachmann’s inquiry was to divert attention from the likelihood that Abedin was given a free pass to have access to the top levels of the State Department because of her long friendship with the Clintons.

An article at Breitbart makes even more serious allegations about Abedin’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that Walid Shoebat has evidence of Abedin’s association with a financier of terrorism named Abdullah Omar Nasseef during her time at the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.

The article also connects Abedin to Yusuf Qaradawi, who is called the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood.

One of the protestations against allegations of Abedin’s association with the Brotherhood has been that she is married to Anthony Wiener, a Jew. But Qaradawi, according to the article, has taught that Muslims may marry “evil” people and work for “evil” organizations if doing so furthers the greater goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is apparently a logical extension of the Koranic teaching of “al-taqiyya,” or lying to infidels to further Islam.

If, as I and many other people believe to be the case, the Obama Administration knew all along that they were installing a Muslim extremist leadership in Egypt and they lied to the public about it, then that is yet more evidence that King Obama is using the presidency for his own ends rather than serving the interests of America.

The previous Egyptian government was certainly unbearable to live under, but an Islamicist government that will most likely institute Sharia law is a death sentence — for culture, for economy, for learning, for science, for liberty.

To have stood by and allowed this to happen to people who had previously been even nominal allies is a great crime against humanity and destabilizing to the entire region.